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My second and third polymer clay creations

The second thing I made was a polar bear, which I later realized I probably should have made a panda bear. But then I made some lolipops that turned out great! I made a whole set of jewelry with them; a necklace, earrings, and (thanks to Yuji’s suggestion) a bracelet that I often use as a ponytail holder.


My first polymer clay creation!

I think one of the greatest things about the internet is its ability to connect people with things they don’t want or need anymore with people that do want/need those things. Christmas of 2010 I started knitting, and sometime in the beginning of 2011 I connected on Ravelry with someone that was doing a major destash – getting rid of yarn she didn’t want anymore. I said I’d take whatever is left after other people had taken their picks, and she sent me a huge box full of yarn that I still haven’t managed to make a dent in! If I wanted I would have been able to knit and crochet for a year and a half so far, and still going, for completely free (though admittedly I’ve bought some knitting and crocheting doodads and specific colors of yarn that were not at all necessary).

When I decided I wanted to get started with polymer clay, I made a wishlist a mile long. But I wondered if I really wanted to spend money before I knew if I actually liked doing it. So when I found reddit’s craft exchange, I made a post asking if anyone had some spare/scrap clay to trade for some yarn or a perler creation. I didn’t really expect anyone to reply, but I quickly was connected with someone that had gotten clay and tools and then realized they didn’t really like it. And they wanted to trade for some yarn! Even better, they wanted some pink yarn! I’ve got a fuckton of pink, but I hate the color, and it’s going to take me years to make enough stuff for Yuji  to use that all up.

A few days later – less than a week! – she had the yarn and I had the clay and clay tools. All I needed was a work surface, which I acquired by taking one of the glass panes out of our broken back screen door. Surely we’ll replace that before the glass needs to be shut again. Probably. Hopefully.

Things couldn’t be more perfect. I’m got rid of something I didn’t need, she got rid of something she didn’t need, and we both got something we wanted. I was able to start working with polymer clay for free. The internet is amazing that way.

So here’s the first thing I made! I made it on May 23rd (and I’m typing that so I can know exactly when I started, lol). It was suppose to be a penguin, but I think it looks more like if Kirby swallowed a green owl. Chance immediately recognized it as a penguin though, so I don’t know…

Amigurumi apple

It actually looks like an apple! Well, now that I put the leaf on the correct end! The first time, I put it on the bottom, and then sat staring at it for a few minutes wondering where I screwed up, why it looked like a pear. I’d counted diligently, moving my stitch marker as I began each new row, as the pattern had recommended.  Had I somehow accidentally looked at a pear pattern instead?! … Oh, no, I’m just an idiot that put the leaf on the wrong end. Once I put it on the other side it looked great, though for some reason the camera flash makes the stuffing show, while it doesn’t as much in person.

Pink Pokeball Magnet

I made the mistake of letting Yuji pick out a bucket of Perlers, and she picked a “princess” bucket, which means I have a buttload of pink. It’s difficult to get a pic that shows the colors in this Pokeball, but it’s all done in shades of pink (except the center. which is sparkly purple).

I foresee myself making a lot of magnets. Fortunately we have not only the fridge, but also a huge stand-alone freezer, and a steel backdoor to cover with magnets 🙂

Mother’s Day 2012

Here’s what Chance, Yuji, and I made my mom for Mother’s Day…

First I crocheted a flower brooch.Then I made this card… it’s kind of the first card I’ve ever made (well, the first real one).

Here’s the card Chance made. I think it is pretty darn good considering he is only 2!

And the one Yuji made. She accidentally made a hole in it (which I guess is kind of visible when you hold it up to the light like this, but isn’t normally) – but thought up the smart idea to put a sticker over it.


Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba

Chance is in love with Yo Gabba Gabba, so when I saw this I just had to make it. Even though the legs aren’t quite the right length and not quite even (both due to me losing count of rounds) I think it’s pretty darn good, especially considering that it is the first amigurumi I have ever done, and I only really learned to crochet the day before making it.

As it began to take shape, I showed it to Chance and he stared at it with a :O look for a full minute before saying “MUNO!!” So I knew I had made the right choice. I crocheted the eye – after 2 failed attempts to embroider it, one of those being on the wrong side (note, because there are thumbs, you must pick the front before putting on the arms!) – and did a combination of crochet and embroidery to make the mouth and teeth.