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JoAnns Hauls…

Yes I went to JoAnns 3 times within 6 days. I think I may have a problem.

The first haul was nothing special. Some yellow cheapo stuff that was on clearance for $1 so I figured what the heck. Some green for a secret project. Some embrodiery thread that I got for 50% off so $2.50, yarn needles and the most important thing, some lady bug ribbon to go with the lady bug buttons I got last week.


For haul #2 I expected to spend like $10 as I was mostly just going to get some kid-free time. But I ended up winning a $30 gift card and used that instead! I got red I plan to make a lady bug sweater with for Yuji (in combination with that ribbon and buttons), blue to make a car sweater for Chance (using those car buttons), some other colors to make a rainbow dash scarf, a pattern book, some plastic canvas, and random bells (I plan to put them on cat amigurumi).

I am testing a legwarmer pattern which requires sock yarn and I had NONE whatsoever. So I set out to JoAnns expecting to spend $20 or so on just the yarn for that. But I was surprised to find they were having an awesome clearance and spent a total of $25 on all of this…


I am kind of upset that it didn’t show the regular prices of these on the receipt. I know that each ball was at least $5 normally but some were more. The 2 things of sock yarn were each normally $10. So this is over $100 worth of yarn that was all on clearance for $1 and $2!!! This is all wool except the Pomp A Doodle. Yuji picked out the Pomp A Doodle – she was determined to have some kind of weird yarn. I had actually been wanting some of this in white for xmas stuff… unfortunately the white was not on clearance -.- so I guess Yuji will be getting xmas leg warmers or something with this on top.

As soon as I got home I realized I was an idiot for not buying more sock yarn for Six Sock September. *facepalm* The green and pink self-patterning stuff would be perfect for socks if it were machine washable. I am not about to hand-wash socks. So really I have no idea what to do with that. Mittens? And I’m wondering if the purple and red match, and if I have enough, that I could make like a purple sweater with a red stripe, and matching socks or a purse that is red with a purple stripe. Probably not and I will end up making a purple shawl… Actually maybe I will just go with the shawl. Lately my arms keep getting cold in the evenings and I can’t knit/crochet with a blanket on my shoulders.

The sock yarn is red, white, and blue self-patterning… so obviously something for Yuji, lol. I have actually never worked with sock yarn before… and I love it! I expected using it to take a long time, with it being so tiny, but because it is so smooth, because I can throw it in my purse and knit at any free moment, and probably because it is so tiny, it goes quickly. I’ll have no problem doing six socks in September!

I’m excited to get back to knitting and crocheting today. Yesterday was just a mess of driving the family around and then taking some migraine medicine in the evening and passing out. Although I did throw the legwarmer in my purse and get a little bit done while taking Ray to work and back. I totally want a bumper sticker that says “I knit at red lights.”

Unfortunate I have a bunch of stuff to do before I can knit and crochet, so off I go to do that…

Elephant finished, Etsy shop open, went to the LYS

I finished that elephant and put it up for sale… the first ever item in my Etsy shop!

I was not successful in my aspiration to not start anything else before something was done… I did crochet a quick doll dress before finishing the elephant. Oops. I didn’t get a picture of it before it went off to the black hole of the kids’ rooms either. Oh well.

The other projects are coming along nicely, I really should take some progress pics. X|

I went to Spinnin Yarns – the local yarn store – the other day and ended up spending more than I meant to…


Anyone that knows Yuji can tell by the buttons that she went with me. I’m totally blaming her for how much we spent.

I’m horrible, but this is the first time I’ve been there since they moved to a bigger place back in February. The new place is amazing though! My middle-years resolution is to support local businesses more. It’s kind of annoying how difficult it is to find out about local businesses and events here. The town website barely lists anything, and we get a “newspaper” listing weekly events… but we get it Thursday evening and it lists things from Monday -Wednesday. So basically with just that paper to go on, I have to scour the internet finding out if that organization is doing something else in the future. And I have found out a few events from that, but I just wish there was an easier way.

As for local businesses, the only way to find out about them seems to be to go out walking… and it’s been dangerously hot (though I really have no excuse for not walking around to them sooner since I have lived here for over 4 years). Not to mention I don’t have much money. I don’t want to go walking to those places and then not give them any money. I want to find out about them, then get money and go. Sigh. WHY U NO HAVE WEB PRESENCE? I think I found Spinnin Yarns through ravelry… I would never have known it existed if not for that.

Ahh well… here’s hoping for a day that isn’t dangerously hot so I can walk around… *drains coffee cup*

Must… not… start new knit/crochet projects…

I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot lately. I found a book at the library and fell in love with a lot of the patterns. So much so, that I just had to purchase the book so that I will have my own copy after I have to return the library’s copy. And it has been years since I bought a physical book (as opposed to an ebook)!

The book is Color Knitting The Easy Way, an amazing find for me because I despise inertia knitting and had resigned myself to crocheting or self-patterning yarn when I wanted intricately multicolored items.

The book inspired me to do two things; 1. Completely frog a scarf I was working on for Nathan (which I had put to the side when we had an unprecedented 90° spring) and restart in two colors.

I plan to do it half like this and half with the colors switched around.

2. Start my first ever sweater. The “hoodie” pattern in this book just made me think “YES, I MUST make this in colors that make me think of fall leaves.”

Ray says it makes him think of Halloween. Close enough.

I have always been leery of making a regular sweater. It just seems like so much work for something you won’t wear often. But this I figure I can wear all fall long. And I’ve gotten pretty fast at knitting – this is more than it looks like and took me only a day.

So between those, still working on Yuji’s American Flag Afghan, putting off finishing an amigurumi crochet-along, and having some server work I’m suppose to do… I have a lot on my plate. But there’s so many other things I want to start!

The other day on reddit someone suggested looking at Big Lots for cheap yarn, so I stopped by and found some yarn that is perfect for making an amigurumi sheep, and some that is perfect for a dog. I also got the book 100 Hats to Knit and Crochet from the library, and there are so many in there I’d like to do. Etc.

I am determined to not start anything else until I have at least 1 of these things finished…