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I <3 knitting socks!

I have hueg feet and fat ankles. So I haven’t been able to wear cute socks for a very long time. For the past however-many years, all I can find that would fit were black, cotton ankle socks. I probably see my socks more than I see my shoes. And I get really dry feet, so going barefoot or without socks usually isn’t an option – I’m usually putting lotion on them, which means I have to put on those boring black socks.

Learning to knit socks has changed that. Not only can I now wear cute socks that fit perfectly, but using wool and bamboo means the socks feel amazing, and I no longer need the lotion. They are warm but airy and not too warm.

And I discovered all this after making only 1 pair of socks for myself, lol. The yarn color is called Meadow, but it reminds me of Minecraft…


I was thinking about if I wanted them to match exactly, or if I wanted to do the stripes the opposite way (so that the brown and green are switched)… and the second ball was wound the opposite way. Wtf, Patons? I would have been pissed if I did want them to match exactly, especially because I couldn’t find the other end of the yarn in either of them (I had to pull them both from the outside as I could not find the center tail). Maybe it is meant to be opposite, but there is no word of that on the label. In fact, there is no hint of what this yarn will look like when it is knit up. Most self-striping yarns show that on the label, and while this does show a striped sock, it’s in a completely different color and too tiny to see anything.

Ah well, it was on clearance for $2 😛 And I knit these great socks with probably enough left out of 2 balls to make a pair for Chance, since I made short cuffs because was worried there wouldn’t be enough for my huge feet. I really need to do a toe up pair to figure out an estimate of how long I can make cuffs…

Socks for me complete! 4th Sock/second pair Sock for me!

And speaking of knitting socks, I’ve joined Sock The Vote, in the green party – which means I must knit a sock that involves green. And I have found the perfect shade of green and perfect color to go with it!

I must get sock yarn in these colors

Now I just have to find sock yarn in these colors. I plan on searching for them this weekend. I’m kinda wondering if I will manage to not knit that up during Six Sock September, though. I’ll probably end up having to go buy more for Sock The Vote 😛

I’ve got a busy weekend, or maybe I should say rest of the week – since the busyness starts today – ahead of me. Walking the kids to the library (which is moving out of walking distance in November, boo!), grocery shopping, yarn shopping, and a festival. So after whipping out my socks in 3 days, right after whipping Chance’s socks out in 2 days, I’m trying to take a break until Six Sock September starts. Which is only Saturday, lol.

WIP Wed… uh, Thursday

Thursday? How is it Thursday?

I started knitting a sock today.

Well actually, I restarted on a sock. For some reason the last one just wouldn’t cooperate. I was getting slipped stitches all over the place and at one point a whole needle fell out and slipped every needle on there. At that point I frogged it and put it aside and looked at a crochet book instead. Chance saw these sheep mittens in there and asked if I would make him those for Christmas. Well of course I won’t say no to that 😀

American Flag Afghan 80% done American Flag Afghan 80% done

Fall Sweater 50% done Sheep Mittens 10% done

See that ball of white at the top of the Afghan? That’s all that is left of the 3rd skein of white. I’m preeeety sure the pattern is a little wrong about the amounts needed. Either that or I did something very wrong. Which is quite possible.

Oh and last weekend I got my stash and projects all organized!!

My stash & projects organization

I got a shelf and organized my yarn by type, somewhat by color, and project. The drawers are all labeled. I sealed all the natural fibers in plastic bags, because a lot of people were talking about bugs and I got paranoid. I was going to put in mothballs, but then I realized you aren’t suppose to inhale the scent of those – wtf? You’re suppose to let that smell seep into your sweaters but it’s toxic? So I was going to get cedar blocks, but haven’t been able to yet. Though ironically – because this is the first year I’ve had wool in the house, and our screen door is gone – I haven’t seen a single moth come in the house this summer. Usually a bunch of them come in! So I guess I’ve been lucky. But the tradeoff is a yard FULL of ants and mosquito with West Nile Virus around the neighborhood. Though after reading about West Nile Virus I wonder what the big commotion is about, apparently it is very rarely serious, it is rare for it to even require a trip to the doctor much less hospitalization, it’s just a regular virus that runs its course and clears up on its own. *shrug*…

Mitsuwa Haul… and another Joanns haul… and a Black Mage

This week has been so busy! I Feel like I was busy the whole time yet not getting anything done, other than on Wednesday when I got married. I actually typed out most of this post last Monday and then didn’t get a chance to add the pictures. So here it goes finally…

We made amazing time getting to Mitsuwa, and managed to have a relaxing lunch from Gabuto Burger before the Taiko performance started. They manged to get through the whole first performance – which the kids loved (I very much regretted forgetting my camera, they were dancing and clapping and just generally being adorable) – before it started to rain. Hard. So we headed home at a snail’s pace, only able to see the car in front of us, and not even able to see the lines on the highway – because there was a layer of water in the way.

As we got off the highway/back into town, the weather cleared up but all the power was out. Traffic lights, stores and restaurants, houses, everything was out. Branches were on the ground everywhere and I was thankful that I took the main highway back, where there is nothing to fall on me, rather than the back routes as I normally would have on Lollapalooza weekend. I steeled myself for another day of being without power, already thinking about what I would make for dinner without it. But surprisingly power was working on our street!

I got the crochet book Mahou no Tawashi Part 3, and a bucket of Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy which comes in a jar that is exactly like a yarn jar, just at $5 and filled with gelatin-free jello-like substance (we don’t eat gelatin and it is rare to find gelatin-free jello-like stuff, so that’s a real treat!) instead of $13 and filled with nothing like the yarn jars at the craft store!


Oh, I went to JoAnns on Friday (Friday before last, that would be, now) and got the last of the stuff on clearance. I think I’m pretty much set for Six Sock September… IF I can manage to not use this up before then. Which I am likely to do.

IMG_1725 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1726

(not pictured: more of that Kashmiria)

And then there’s this that was $1.50 at Walmart


I regret not getting more of it now. I hope to make Christmas sweaters for the kids (obviously can’t make them entirely out of this though unless there is more left next time I go), with that pink pompom stuff on the edges for Yuji.

Ray got this for his birthday


I frogged what I was originally going to give him (okay, thew it to the side to be frogged later), to restart it in that green Kashmira yarn, because I thought – duh, use the good and handwash stuff for the adults, leave the acrylic for the kids. The pink Kashmira will probably end up being a scarf too – not for me because I hate pink, but as a gift or to sell.

Oh, and I whipped this up for Chance yesterday so that he and Yuji no longer have to take turns with the single toy bottle we had in the house…


So I guess I did accomplish a couple of things, though I don’t really feel like it. Not much progress on any of my long term works in progress, and this week I have to worry about starting the process of getting Yuji and my last names changed. I should have started that process last week when using the car wouldn’t have been an issue, but I slacked off, sigh.

Also I haven’t made any progress with my savings toward a Kindle Fire. Every time I have to write down a pattern, wrestle the remote from someone else to check my email, or search through a book or magazine to find a pattern I am reminded of how much I want one. Siiiiiiigh.

FO Friday August 3rd

Does it count as finished if I only finished one? Because all I’ve finished this week is 1 leg warmer




Now I’m off to a day of grocery shopping and preparing for the summer festival tomorrow at Mitsuwa. Then I have to try to figure out how to finish knitting Ray’s birthday present for next week when I don’t want him to see it and he is on vacation the whole week. I’ve started going to the sit and knit at Spinnin Yarns on Monday evenings, and I got quite a bit of it done last Monday, but I don’t think that’s enough time to get it all done next Monday… and I haven’t worked on it at all other than that due to a hectic week. Our dryer broke, so I’ve been having to air-dry everything (which takes more time, though hanging the clothes outside is pretty relaxing), and then our car wouldn’t start! The car’s fine now (though the dryer still isn’t) and I hope to find some craft books tomorrow at the bookstore in Mitsuwa. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to get ray’s present done…