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Decisions decisions

October’s Reddit KAL are these pretty fingerless gloves called Vancouver Fog.

But just my luck they are done in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I have a bunch of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, but no regular. And buying new yarn to make something for myself isn’t really an option at the moment. But I do see several people have done them in Naturally Caron Country, which I do have… but I found a coat pattern I was going to use that for,

Manteau bleu

which would leave me enough yarn to do about ONE of the Vancouver Fogs (not one pair – just one). So, do I try to modify the coat pattern to give me enough, and then have a matching coat and gloves – because I do think those would look nice together, but I’m using 7 skeins of 1 color and 4 of another, so I’d have to figure out how to make everything look nice without looking like I’m just trying to make do with what yarn I have – or do I experiment with two strands of Borroco Ultra Alpaca Fine held together? Decisions decisions…

I did get yarn to make that Saturn Sweater. Here’s the sweater in case you don’t feel like clicking through below…

It’s made using Charcoal Grey, which in person seems awfully dark to me, so I considered getting a Heather Grey instead… but for some reason the skeins of that were smaller, and I would have had to buy more. So Charcoal Grey it is! Though I will likely go with something other than the orange and brown for the embellishments, as that makes it look awfully fall-ey and I’m hoping to wear it into the winter… maybe just various blues?

Today I started some grey socks which are suppose to be for my brother, because he bought the yarn… but they would go so nicely with this sweater. So do I let them go, or do I keep them for myself and buy some more of the same yarn later and make him some? Decisions decisions…

JoAnns tricked me

They made it look as if Red Heart yarn was not going to be on sale until next week, meaning I could use the 50% off coupon on them, but it is indeed on sale this week. Bah. So I did not go yet, but now I have a 20% off even sale/clearance items coupon, meaning with the sale I can get the Red Heart for $2 a skein – 0.50 more than it would have been if I could get 50% off, but still pretty good. So I’m considering going tonight and getting some Red Heart – though not as much as I was originally planning to get – and a few other things I need. And maybe some yarn to make the Saturn Sweater in the Fall 2012 Interweave Crochet, because I’m in love with that.

And now for random stuff!

I sold that Nyan Cat scarf, and I got a printer – which is so helpful! Now I can print out shipping labels/postage, as well as patterns. And I guess I can keep track of acrylic with a spreadsheet and print it before I go shopping, lol.

Did I mention that I snapped my amigurumi hook the other day? Yeah, since it was plastic, it was only a matter of time. I didn’t want to use metal because they hurt my hands, but with as tight as amigurumi needs to be I kind had no choice… so I got one of those ergonomic crochet hook handles to go along with the metal hook. My issues with metal hooks are gone!

Yesterday I got started on Christmas sweaters. I got half of Chance’s done in a day, which is a good sign I think.


This is using so much less yarn than I thought… I got a buttload of this stuff! But of course I have a lot more ideas of how I can use it…

If you crochet, you need this book…

I just want to make sure my fellow crocheters see my review of this great book. I won’t gush about it again, but I’ll just say: If you crochet, you need to get this book.

My first project using it is going to be a baby blanket for my nephew and his wife, who are having a baby around Christmas time. (Man, that is so weird to type out. How can my nephew possibly be old enough to be married and have a baby on the way? Wasn’t I just babysitting him yesterday?)



This is the beginning of stashbusting the oldest part of my stash, as this is part of what remains from that buttload of yarn I got for free back in March 2011 (which I have learned from the “oldest skein knit alongs” going on right now isn’t really that old, lol). I’m finally starting to make a dent in it.

I figured I needed to do that, with the fact that I am about to buy a bunch more on Sunday – JoAnns sent me ten 50% off coupons and one 40% off coupon, and they are all going toward acrylic. This is because I have realized that I need to stop trying to use cotton for amigurumi and just use acrylic – the cotton bruises my hand when I try to crochet it as tightly as amigurumi needs to be. So my cotton is going to go toward potholders and washcloths


and the acrylic will be for amigurumi. So I’m going through the stash and figuring out what will work for amigurumi, what colors I have for that, and what is too thin for amigurumi (the “baby” yarns such as I’m using for the blanket). I’m still trying to figure out a way to keep track of this without a smartphone, though. Sigh.

Clown Vomit and Poptarts

Six Sock September is off to a pretty good start. It is only the 5th and I have already finished my first pair (edit: oh wait, it is the 6th lol. But I did finish these yesterday):


I’m calling these “Clown Vomit Socks” because that’s what they look like to me; like a drunk clown ate too much cotton candy and vomited onto yarn. Yuji loves them and calls them Easter socks… I guess that’s all that matters.

Let me say that I hate this yarn, and not just because of the color.


it was knotted all over the place and there was a break where they tied it together without bothering to make it match.

Break in Bernat Sox

I’m really disappointed because it’s hard for me to find non-wool sock yarn, and Yuji does not like wool socks. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this was just a bad ball. Actually I have them crossed really tight because I bought some more Bernat Sox on ebay before I started knitting with this. In different colors, thank goodness, because I am seriously considering throwing the rest of this stuff in the charity bin at the yarn store, so that I never have to look at it again.

I also finished something that I loved making, even though it was with Red Heart.



IMG_1879 IMG_1881
IMG_1880 IMG_1877
IMG_1873 IMG_1868
IMG_1867 IMG_1862

(Please excuse my horrible hair, I just dyed it back to black) I was kind of surprised how fast and easy it was, since other people on Etsy are selling them for $40, $80, even $100 and saying it takes 2 weeks for them to make them. I think those prices are a bit ridiculous, considering it took me 3 days WHILE knitting a sock, and the fact that it only uses a little of each yarn color. And yeah, everyone’s using acrylic – except for exactly ONE scarf that is supposedly wool, but I am very suspicious of, because it looks like acrylic and a lot of the colors look like an exact match to the Red Heart I used. I’m pretty sure you can’t get wool that exact same color with no variations like that.

TL;DR = My Nyan Cat Scarf is for sale for $19.50 because paying $80 for a Nyan Cat Scarf is ridiculous, even for the supposed wool one because I really don’t think it is wool.

Labor Day Haul

Time is getting away from me again. How is it Thursday? I took advantage of the sales over the weekend, and got (I think) all the acrylic yarn I need for various projects from JoAnns and Michaels. That’s just Red Heart stuff though, so I won’t bother to take pics of that. Although while there I DID wish I had a smart phone (oh smart phone, how I miss you T.T) and all my acrylic yarn in my Ravelry Stash, so that I could see how much of each color I actually had, if I had the right shades etc. #FirstWorldProblems

I could not find the right shades of green and purple… at least not for a price I was willing to pay then. (There WAS some stuff At Spinnin Yarns that I may consider buying at some later time.) This is what I did find (At JoAnns)…

Daily Dose

And my brother got some grey sock yarn from there that he wants me to make him some socks with.

I got a wonderful haul from Spinnin Yarns, but I think I handed the receipt to my brother. This was about $40 though, which was a great deal. This was all on sale and then the owner took an additional .50 off each as a bonus for us braving the weather. It was raining but we (my brother, the 2 youngest kids, and I) went to the festival and walked to the yarn store anyway, lol.

Spinnin Yarns Haul 9/1/12

That night Chance saw me winding one of the Ultra Alpaca Fine and asked if he could help. I said “Sure, hold your arms like this…” and put it on his arms. After about 2 seconds he got bored of that, and dumped it into a pile on the floor, immediately tangling it beyond belief. Sigh.

The grey my brother picked out, for me to make him a hat that matches his socks. Even though it is a sparkly grey. There were plenty of other, non-sparkly colors on sale to choose instead, but he wanted that sparkly grey. >.>