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New theme…

What do you think? I like it better than the old one, but I still don’t like it much. Why are there so few craft themes? Sigh. I found some “knitted” social media buttons, I do like those 🙂 Back to work I go…


I’ve been busy! I finished one of those Vancouver Fog gloves,
and procrastinated on starting the second, but I finally started it.

I finished Yuji’s Halloween costume

IMG_2034 IMG_2073

and started on Chancey’s.

I finished a commission, a Halloween hat for a redditor

IMG_2086 IMG_2087

and he loved it so much he paid me more than I asked for.

I finished one of those trigger gloves for my husband,

IMG_2037 IMG_2036

but I’m not sure if I will ever finish the other, nor the matching scarf I was working on, as he was kind of a baby/jerk about the one glove, because it wasn’t perfect enough… it’s not black (he originally wanted these to smoke in – though he has since started to try to quit smoking – so they had to be wool, and I didn’t have black wool in that weight; and besides, I wanted them to match the scarf), they’re too big and he doesn’t want to wait for them to dry so we can shrink them, etc. etc. If he’s going to be ungrateful then fine, there are people that do appreciate my time, and that 100% wool in that awesome discontinued colorway, that I can give it to instead.

Anyway… Today is the end of week 2 of Sock The Vote, and though as you know I can knock out a pair of socks in 3 days if I focus, with everything else I’m doing I am just keeping up with Sock The Vote…

And now I have another commission to do – a Nyan Cat scarf and a Tac Nayn scarf. After that I have yet another commission to do, a Space Invaders scarf. So, I’m busy. But that’s a good thing; I’ll be able to get Halo 4 on launch day, November 6th, as well as a new vacuum, which I desperately need. That got moved up to the top of the “stuff we need for the house” list. Hopefully after that I will stay busy so I can cross more off the list 🙂

Now that my feet are warm it’s time for my hands

Saturday I took Yuji & Chance to a nearby alpaca farm where they saw in person how alpaca fur is made into yarn.

Then last night I finished sock #6, making Six Sock September a success!


I guess they are different dye lots. It isn’t noticeable in person…

Well now that my feet are warm (and yes they are very warm and comfortable!!) it’s time for my hands. Today I cast on those Vancouver Fog (in purple), and immediately after I finished the sock I cast on some “trigger gloves” for my husband.

IMG_1993 IMG_1992

I think it’s kinda funny how they start off the same and serve the same purpose but will end up so different.

On the crochet front, I will be crocheting Yuji & Chance’s Halloween costumes this year. Why? Because they each want to dress up as something where the costume is $25, I’m not about to pay $50 for something they will only wear once, and I already had appropriate patterns. Yuji wants to be Pikachu, and Chance wants to be Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, so I plan to crochet Yuji a yellow sweater and Pikachu hat, and Chance a red sweater and simple red hat with an added Muno eye. Then they will not only get the costumes they want, they will get sweaters and hats they can wear year-round! (Well, not in the summer. But you know what I mean.)

Recently I have been wishing I could use voice commands to browse the internet so I could browse while I knit and crochet… and today I discovered I can, and it is actually built right into Windows 7! Just go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > Windows Speech Recognition! And it actually works well enough to use it! Can you tell I’m excited about that?! 🙂