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Reversible bag test

By editing one of the craftsy free bag class patterns, I have now made a reversible bag.

IMG_2633 IMG_2634
IMG_2630 IMG_2631

For anyone wanting to do the same, it’s the drawstring bag, just with 2 solid pieces (no “front piece”), and I left spaces for the drawstring in both the interior and exterior, then made sure to line them up when I sewed those parts together.

It worked out great, and you should be seeing some reversible bags in my etsy shop soon!

I don’t know what to do with all these test bags. Once I’ve tested out their durability a bit, I don’t usually have enough small projects going on at once to use them all. We don’t have lunch outside of the house enough to make having a bunch of lunch bags worth it. And everything else I can think to store in them already has a place to be stored. I’m thinking about giving them away, but the truth is I usually make the test bags a little sloppier than the bags I sell (don’t bother ironing seams and such), and I don’t want people judging my quality by the test bags. So it’s a dilemma. #Firstworldproblem

Resolution update…

Here’s a more detailed update on how my goals have been going. Again, these are my goals for the year

1. Buy more wool
2. Use more wool
3. Make more stuff to sell
4. Use the money from selling to get a new phone and washing machine
5. Use my library of pattens/books instead of buying more or finding more I want to buy
6. Use my stash of acrylic instead of buying more

I’ve been doing great with most of them. Some colors of my acrylic stash are getting pretty low, and I have to keep reminding myself that that’s okay. I want the acrylic stash to shrink so that I can have more room for wool. My plan is to not buy acrylic unless I need it to make stuff to sell (nyan cat scarves, for example, just aren’t economically smart to make in wool; but I don’t want to buy more of those colors until I’m nearly out of what I have).

I’ve kinda been doing horribly with #5, though. This year I’ve added a whole other page to my Ravelry library… BUT, I have only spent $11.50 on knitting & crochet patterns (well, for myself, that is. If I include RAKs to other people, it’s a little higher). I just went and added that up… which I was kind of avoiding doing because I thought it would be much higher with all the patterns I have gotten. But that’s really quite reasonable! I guess most of the patterns I’ve added have been free with a coupon code, because that’s apparently all the rage on Rav this year. So I would say I was doing okay with that… IF I was actually knitting/crocheting anything from them! -.-; I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done in the past month, even though my etsy shop proves that I have.

I also haven’t sold much, so #4 isn’t going anywhere.

Time is flying buy. Is it really the 11th when I made my last post on the 4th? That KAL starts tomorrow. And I haven’t swatched yet >.< I need to do that tonight!!

I finally have tags!

For awhile now I’ve been wanting my own fabric tags. So I’ve been ordering samples… But when I really think about it, I just don’t want to (well, okay, I can’t afford to) buy hundreds of them for hundreds of dollars. I also don’t want to buy 10 of them for $25. All the services I could find either required too much of an investment for a lifetime supply (and what if I wanted to change the look or “brand” in a couple of years?) or were just too pricey for an amount I’d want.

So I looked into making my own. One of the suggestions was using iron-on transfers on ribbon, or simply using ribbon alone. I got some plain white ribbon, and tried both those methods as well as writing on it with a fabric pen… but it just looked so unprofessional.

Another suggestion was to use Spoonflower, but – while I really plan/hope to use them soon for other reasons – I would be spending about $20 without being sure if this method of making tags works, or works right for me.

Another suggestion was to use printable fabric. So when I saw some printable fabric sheets at Joann’s on Friday, I contemplated getting it… but would it be too stiff and itchy to put on clothes? Would it fade and fray easily? Would so much of the ink rinse off during that initial rinsing that they would look way more faded than paper printing? Finally I decided that I’d just try it, pulled out my coupon and bought a pack. It came out to about $8, and I figured if it didn’t work out for making tags I could always use it for something else.

But the tags came out great! On one sheet I can get 40 single-sided tags (or 20 double sided tags – I printed them in such a way that I can cut all of them either way). They’re not stiff, and they look pretty much exactly the same as the test sheets I printed on paper.

I can has tags Tags!

And they just look so professional! I put some on this test bag to see how they fray when cut and sewn in different ways (I don’t have any fray check), but soon I’ll be putting them on bags I sell. (And check out that beautiful snow and sunshine outside today – perfect for taking pictures! If only my window sill wasn’t so ugly from just being re-caulked yesterday…)

Speaking of bags, I’ve been learning to make various types of bags from free Craftsy classes. Oh how I love how those classes are done! The free classes have swayed me to purchase some classes when I get some money… not to mention taught me some useful stuff!

In other news… I’ve been doing horribly with my New Year’s resolution to buy less patterns. I’ve been doing great with all the rest, though! I’ve been using wool, and the only acrylic I’ve bought has been for gifts & swaps; I haven’t added any acrylic to my stash this year (or at least, since I posted my resolutions; I can’t quite remember what day I bought 3 skeins of DK acrylic, but I’m not going to count that). And my etsy shop isn’t empty. I’ve just been buying a lot of patterns. And not actually using any of them yet. Sigh.

I am almost done with that test knit sweater – only the belt left! And on the 12 th I will start to use one of the patterns I bought for a mystery KAL. It will be a sweater for myself, and hopefully the mystery KAL will encourage me to actually finish it; I’ve knit and crocheted several sweaters for the kids, but have yet to finish one for myself!

I’m off, so much crafting and housework to do >.<