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There’s actually a video on the Craftotaku youtube?

During the short breaks from knitting those hats, I’ve been playing around with Polymer Clay. Recently my love of the stuff was reignited, and the sale week before last at Michaels fueled that along nicely ^.^

I lucked out seeing the sale; I had no idea ahead of time that it was going on. I was there buying yarn, and just happened to stop by the polymer clay isle, and there it was! I grabbed a few, and just happened to get a $5 off the next purchase coupon! So I and came back a few days later armed with more money and that coupon.

I’m well stocked now, as you can see in this video, where I show my craft area and go into specifics about how I store my polymer clay and related tools.

tl;dr = I’m tired of USPS. /Why I Will Be Sticking to Flat Rate

Warning: long rant.

I’m fed up with USPS. Every time I start shipping, say, more than 1 package every 3 months, there are problems. And since I’ve been shipping more like 3 packages a week lately, there are lots of problems.

Oh, first let me tell you about the fiasco that was getting the PO Box. I got it eventually, yeah… but it was a hassle.

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