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I started this on the 6th and finished it yesterday. Man I’m procrastinating. I used the Rainbow Dash body pattern and improvised the mane and tail.

IMG_3065 IMG_3070

I went with NerdyKnitter’s method of making eyes with felt. I love how they turned out! I’m definitely going to stick with that until I get an embroidery machine. Derpy is on etsy here.

Despite the procrastination on that, I’m getting other stuff done and doing great with saving up for that embroidery machine! I should have it sometime next month.

Rainbow Dash done!

Crocheted Rainbow Dash

IMG_3015 IMG_3027

Rainbow Dash is done and up for auction here.
If ebay isn’t your thing, you can also get one made to order at my Etsy. If Rainbow Dash isn’t your thing, there’s also Smarty Pants and/or you can request a different pony (ANY pony, including OCs!) over there too by clicking on “Request Custom Order” on the side.

Help make my dream of getting an embroidery machine in a month or two a reality!