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What I’ll be doing for the next month

After that last post I started thinking seriously about selling at craft fairs and conventions. I’m familiar with all the conventions in the area, but other than one in my neighborhood, I wasn’t all that familiar with what craft fairs are in the area. So I begin to research… and omg, there is a buttload. For the next month there is at least 1 every weekend, and some weekends there are 2.

There’s also several throughout the rest of the year (none as concentrated as the next month though – guess we’re big on harvest time. It would be the perfect time to sell some hats that could be used on Halloween…). So then I started thinking, why am I waiting until next year? There’s one on November 30th & December 1st with a low fee, and I figure it’s a good first fair. That’s plenty of time to make a good mix of cheap stuff that could be used as stocking suffers or impulse purchases, as well as more expensive stuff for gifts. So, assuming I get all the crap done I need to do in a timely manner (registering for it, registering to pay state taxes, etc.) that will probably the first craft fair I sell at.

So for the next month I will be going to several of those nearby craft fairs, partially because I like going to them, and partially to see how things are done. I’ve been all over forums about craft fair selling and youtubers that do it, but obviously it’s good to get a look at how things are locally. And hopefully, I will remember to take some pics and blog about them.

Also happening next month is that I decided I am definitely going to Ramencon! Yuji (my daughter) will be going with me. This will be her second convention, but the first she remembers as her first was when she was 3 weeks old ^_^ I’ll be bringing a little of my handmade stuff to the Swap Meet on Sunday, so if you’re local and want to get some of my stuff without shipping, that will be a good opportunity 🙂 So, if nothing else, I’ll be blogging about the stuff I make for us to wear to the con ^_^ So stay tuned for that!

Crochet it again

When I made this pitiful, derpy cat, I had no idea that just 15 months later I would have improved so much, nevermind have a successful business selling the stuff I make!

“Please kill me…”

After seeing the “plush this again” meme on deviant art, I decided to do this pattern again. Now with plush this again, you are suppose to take an older plush you thought was good and redo it to show how your skills have improved. Quite honestly, my skills improved so quickly, and I’ve sold so many of the older amigurumi that were good, that there aren’t really any good old ones to compare. But I felt a need to do this one again. Now this is the exact same pattern (using different ears in the pattern), and exact same yarn, but this time it actually looks like it’s suppose to! (Sorry for the horrible lighting.)

IMG_3235 IMG_3237 IMG_3240
IMG_3241 IMG_3239 IMG_3243

I learned pretty quickly how I messed up. I didn’t sew the head on sideways, though it looks like that ^^ (I did, however, switch the arms and legs >.<) I crocheted it wrong side out, didn't do decreases correctly, and didn't count the rows correctly. (I made similar mistakes on Muno, but as he is just a series of tubes, it wasn’t detrimental to his shape.) I didn’t weave in the ends very well, I guess I just cut them short and crocheted them in (I don’t remember how I was doing it then tbh), and they worked their way loose.

By August of last year I’d figured that all out, and made my first amigurumi sale, an elephant with a penis. Thanks partially to luck, partially due to work on my part, and largely to great people that like my stuff and recommend me, I will probably be in the black by the end of 2013. Profitable in 1 year is pretty darn rare for craft businesses. And that’s just from internet and word-of-mouth sales (combined with my extreme couponing and deal hunting to reduce the cost of materials and shipping supplies)! In 2014 I plan to do at least 1 artists alley at an anime convention and maybe a craft fair; table fees are nothing compared to etsy fees + paypal fees + shipping, and I’m lucky enough to be so close to a few cons that I wouldn’t even need a hotel room (and could just drive home at night).

Anyway, it’s rather embarrassing to put that derpy cat on here, but I think it shows how you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Or something.

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Someone wants a cyndaquil, and I figured I’d make a shiny one at the same time so that I could take a pic of both of them together before I send the one out.

This is them yesterday…


And this is them today…


Not sure what I’ll do with the shiny, I’m leaning toward keeping it for myself ^^

Unrelated but: the Bon Festival is Saturday, and Mitsuwa is having a huge book sale, hopefully there’s still some craft books left!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get the cyndaquils done while the light is still nice, so I’m off!