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Ramencon was amazing!

And I actually remembered to take pictures 🙂

Oh, I was suppose to blog about the stuff I made to wear there, right? Well you already saw the Apple Jack hat. Here’s the Apple Bloom & Big Mac

IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3364

And I used fabric paint to put apples on shirts for my brother and me


And I also put balloons on a pink shirt so Yuji could be Pinkie Pie on a different day.


And for the third day Yuji wore this Gloomy Bear outfit, which everyone loved

IMG_3404 IMG_3408 1010966_10201995464589809_1377147325_n

It’s got a crocheted hat, fabric paint on the hat and shirt for blood, and felt claws sewn on some old pink mittens. I ended up not having time to use fabric paint to make blood on the mittens/claws, so I used permanent marker. Yuji kept smelling them… oops. But I guess it was just the boost she needed to help me with selling at the Swapmeet. I was nervous about taking her to that, but there was no time to take her home first. I didn’t have to be nervous though, as she is a natural salesman 🙂 She sang about the toys being awesome and made by her mom, danced, bought lots of attention to my stuff, talked to everyone, and whenever someone said they couldn’t or didn’t want to buy something right now, she gave them a business card and told them to buy something later 🙂

I was unsure if I was going to sign up for that fair on November 30th & December 1st, so I told myself that if I made the fee for that ($50) at Ramencon, I would sign up. And I was thinking that was a big if. But I made $105! So that pays for not only the craft fair, it also covers my Ramencon ticket and the gas I used going to Ramencon ^____^ So basically I had my fun weekend completely paid for.

Here’s all the pics!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Next weekend is the annual craft fair in my neighborhood, and while – as I said – there’s a lot of craft fairs in the area around this time, this is the one that is actually in my neighborhood, and where I know some of the crafters. So that should be fun 🙂

Anyway, between that craft fair in 9 weeks and my etsy shop still doing pretty darn good, I’ve got a lot of stuff to make! So off I go…

FO Friday September 6th 2013

Finished Object Friday! The first week of September has been going good. I got several Controversial Hats out, and when updating the queue list I thought for a minute that I had missed some, because there was no possible way I had gotten so many done recently… So I double checked, and even looked at the tracking numbers – nope, I didn’t miss any 🙂

Also this week I’ve finished a Snorlax and a poison mushroom:

IMG_3313DO not EAT

Then I finished the first of the hats my brother, Yuji, and I will be wearing to Ramencon. One of the days I’ll be Applejack while my brother is Big Mac and my daughter is Apple Bloom, so here’s the Applejack hat –


Applejack’s hat is made using the Applejack pattern from Nerdy Knitter Designs. As for the rest of this hat, I improvised it and I am a bit annoyed at myself… I actually purchased a pony hat pattern, but ended up not liking every single aspect of it, and doing it a different way. By the end, I hadn’t followed the pattern at all. I could have just done that without purchasing the pattern >.< This one was actually finished last week, but it's so cute I had to share it. It's a 3 eyed pony with a radioactive cutie mark.

IMG_3285 IMG_3287

As for WIPs, I started a Sockhead Hat. I had to buy some 16″ circular needles to do so, as all I had were 29″ (and crappy 29″ ones at that, I got a cheap set of size 1 – size 15 on ebay, and pretty much nothing below size 6 is actually usable, because they used the same size tube for the cable of the needles). Now, I was a die-hard fan of DPNs for hats, socks, etc. But I was NOT about to try to fit and keep 144 fingering weight stitches on dpns. I’d heard many times about how circular needles were better and faster than dpns. I could not figure out how, since with dpns you just move a needle to the other hand while with circulars you have to pull the stitches around to the needle (I did not realize that when you use the correct legnth, you don’t have to). I hate magic looping, and avoid doing it whenever possible. But for example when I am doing the ribbing on a controversial hat, it is too lose to stay on my dpns, so I was having to magic loop.

The circular needles were on sale, so I figured, what the heck. I got 16″ 2s and 3s for the sock head hat and a size 10 to give controversial hats on there a try.

Well, that is why I got so many hats done that I couldn’t believe it. It’s much faster, much easier, and makes it easy to carry projects around without worrying about them falling off DPNs while in my bag. I’m now a circular needle convert.

So here’s my Sockhead Hat so far


It’s will probably take me a longass time, especially with everything else I need to do, but it’s the perfect thing for those no-think, get it out and back in quick moments… waiting in line at the store, red lights, etc. I started it the day before yesterday and already have 1″, so maybe it won’t take as long as I expect…

Oh, I didn’t take any pictures of the festival last weekend, did I? 😡 It was kind of dead, because it was raining. But we did discover that Yuji is great at shooting! They had some of those shoot the cup and win a prize games, and Yuji was a natural. Chance (youngest kid) and I combined could not shoot anything, though >.< After that she said she likes shooting, and wants to play Duck Hunt (lol!). I suddenly came to the realization, and had to break it to her that it isn't possible anymore T.T We don't know anyone that has a tv it would work with. Anyway, I'm also working on a this for Yuji for Christmas, but I can’t take pics of that yet. That’ll be the first of the Christmas gift crafting…