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Unfinished scarf, finished cowl

I started this as a tube scarf. The idea was to use two skeins of Kashmira. But this was long before I learned to use proper lengths of circular needles, so knitting this was very annoying. I trudged through 1 skein, and then it sat unfinished for over a year.

Yesterday I thought about the Kashmira. I love the self-striping Kashmira. Why oh WHY did they discontinue it? I have yet to find another self-striping yarn thicker than fingering weight, cheap enough that making items for sale are worth it. Anyway, I don’t remember what sparked it, but yesterday I decided that I was going to either frog or finish every UFO in Kashmira. I have an electric winder now that will make reballing frogged yarn easy, and I want to make some stuff with that wonderful yarn for the craft fair.

The scarf was definitely in the frog category – there was no way I was finishing that. Even with correctly sized needles it would take more time than I have right now; and I feel that leaving it there with the goal of finishing it “eventually” would only result in it sitting there for another year. So I pulled it out, and looked at all the work I had done… and decided that I could not bear to undo all that work I had trudged through.

Instead I sewed the ends together; and an unfinished scarf became a finished cowl! A beautiful, 100% wool cowl.

IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3513


I’m kind of reconsidering my not leaving Etsy, now.

I tried to let it go. But I was shown these links:

And what I get from these links are:

A lot of customers wanted and PAID FOR costumes handmade by someone at home, alongside their kids… and instead what they got were costumes made in a factory. Made in a US factory that was about to go under, but a factory none the less.

Etsy knew a successful seller was having her items made by a factory BEFORE these new rules said doing that was allowed.

Etsy lies and says it was allowed all along, when for years I have watched people get banned because they, for example, logged into their mom’s shop from the same IP as their shop, and didn’t disclose that the daughter worked for the mom’s shop (because she didn’t).

I don’t know about you, but if I paid for a handmade item and then after getting the item, the seller said (or more likely, I found out) “I didn’t have enough time to make it, so I had a factory do it instead” I’d be pissed. Because if I wanted a factory-made item I’d go to Walmart. The whole damn reason I would be on Etsy, the whole reason I would be willing to pay more is because I want that item that was made while that lady was at home alongside her kids. If she’s just dropping the kids off at school, talking to a factory manager, and looking as the orders roll in THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE DAMN POINT.

And it really makes me wonder if paying Etsy their crazy fees is worth it.
Welp, I got organized today. So we’ll see what I end up doing.

Craft Fair is a go

It is official, I did what I needed to do, and I will be selling at the Portage Christmas Craft Fair on November 30th & December 1st.

Yeah, I already said I was going to do it, but as I had to use a check to pay the booth fee, I was kind of fearing it would be full by the time my check traveled the whole 17 miles over to the park via Pony Express. That pony is pretty elderly nowadays, and I wouldn’t exactly call what he does “express.” And last year they said it filled up about this time.

So there were a few stressful days where I was thinking “Omg why aren’t they emailing me it must be full and they are mailing the check back, or maybe it still hasn’t gotten there and it is sure to be full when it does… I have wasted so much time and tags putting price & care tags on this stuff and now I’ll have to sell it online” and then my husband said “Oh, they cashed it already.” >.< Well now it feels real, which of course brings on whole other kinds of stress, but I'm mostly feeling good and confident about it. I spaced out my etsy orders well, and I have plenty of time to make items for the fair and not get behind on those orders. Though after the fair it might be a mad scramble to get xmas presents finished for the kids...... Anyway, in addition to making stuff for the fair, I've got to figure out how to display stuff at the fair. I've already managed to find a folding table on sale, but I need things like a business card holder and hat display heads. So I thought, what sense does it make to pay for those? Doesn't buying a bunch of made-in-china crap for that kind of go against the whole idea of a craft fair? There has to be some way to make these myself... So I searched, and found all kinds of crazy, messy ways that often involved buying so much in materials that it would be the same price to just buy the things. But then I was hit with a stroke of genius: I can crochet them!


There’s my business card holder, and I also plan on crocheting a head or two 🙂

Also finished since the last time I posted:

IMG_3415 IMG_3426 IMG_3428

A “Dandy Sir Cephalopod”, a jumbo Pikachu Stalking, and a cute bear.

The bear taught me something. If something is meant for the craft fair, I’ve got to put it away quickly after completion, and not let Chance see it. Because he quickly gives them a personality. He decided this bear was the baby of a stuffed bear I have that sits on the back of the couch displaying some knitwear (I found this bear some time ago at a thrift store wearing what looks like a hand-knit Fair Isle sweater, so of course I had to rescue him). The cowl the bear is wearing became a sling. And they get sad if they’re apart for long, Chance says. So now I can’t bear to sell the baby bear >.<


It’s okay, I can part with the one bear without being set back, but from now on I’m immediately moving craft fair items to a box in my bedroom 🙂