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Yarn video podcast

So I am going to attempt to do a yarn video podcast.
No promises that I will do it regularly, or that it will contain anything you aren’t already seeing here on the blog. But I just want to see how this works out.


2014 goals

What ever happened to me buying more indie sock yarn? I guess I got so caught up in the success of selling stuff that it got put on the back burner. I’ve been favoriting and coveting stuff all year, but for some reason never dived in.

Welp lately I have been realizing that I need to put my money where my mouth is, and buy more handmade/indie/local. That, combined with Leading Men Fiber Arts (which both has AWESOME yarn, and is kind of local) starting to sell handdyed yarn a few months ago, and Chance desperately needing some more wool socks (and to buy some mass produced wool socks for him, I’d have to order them online, and pay as much as I would for the handdyed yarn, to get some ugly socks that don’t fit as well), has led me to remember that I need to buy more indie sock yarn.

And when Sock Bunny said her plan for 2014 was to put 12 skeins of sock yarn into bags, and then chose one at random on the 1st of each month and cast on, I got an idea. I’ve prepared 12 bags, some with more yarn than others, so that I can get 2 pairs of socks out of them. On the 1st of every month in 2014, I will have one of the kids pick a bag, so that I don’t feel the shape or weight of the yarn inside. Then I will cast on, and every time I finish a pair of socks, I will buy a skein of indie dyed sock yarn.

I expect a lot of it will be from Leading Men Fiber Arts, because I’ve fallen in love with them. I took advantage of their thanksgiving week sale and got this. Now I don’t even like pink (Chance does) and I think it’s amazing. And it’s even more beautiful in person.

IMG_3678 IMG_3680 IMG_3679

I also got some mini skeins from Dyeabolical, which should actually be enough to make a pair of socks for Chance, or could be combined with other yarn to make a pair for myself. These are in one of the 12 bags, so I’ll decide what to do once I pick it.


So here are my 2014 goals:

  • Knit at least 14 pairs of socks.
  • Buy at least 14 skeins of indie yarn.
  • Crochet 14 different Pokemon.
  • So now I just gotta get through December first…

    And now it’s December.

    Okay, apparently I went with the “too busy to post” option 🙂

    At the craft fair, I made double my booth fee and handed out cards to some people that were interested in the higher price items or custom orders. I made one custom order on the spot, to a sweet kid who came over to talk to me about Pokemon, and said he really wanted one of my Pokemon items, but he only had $7 (I quickly whipped up a pokeball for him). I learned a lot, had a great time, bought a few gifts for my kids and still came home with a little money in my pocket.

    So while I would have liked to make more of a profit, I’ll consider it a good show.

    Some of the stuff that didn’t sell is up on my etsy. It looks so nice and full now ~

    Well part of the reason I was too busy is… not only did I do that craft fair, but I GOT A DOG!


    So there is definately some dog sweater knitting in my future. After December, though. During December, I have to try to get presents done while also getting commissions done. The commissions aren’t a problem, I was careful not to take on more than I can handle… but getting presents done for the kids, which I can only work on while they’re asleep, when I have to get up early to take the dog out… now that’s gonna be tricky.