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Q3 2015 Goals Recap

Update: I can no longer recommend Yarnbox. See this ravelry thread to explain why –

Uh, where did Q3 go? I blinked and I think I missed it.

Stationary Sheep From February 9 – Black Friday
IN: 30,011
OUT: 14,500

So obviously, I failed on not buying any luxury yarn in Q3. However! In Q3 I did get more out than came in! So I’m on the right track. Kinda. Again, that’s only the yardage out for finished projects, so I have actually gotten quite a bit more than that “out”… I just need to finish all my WIPs! Especially since I hope to start 2016 with a clean slate – no WIPs, so I can accurately reset the count on yards in and out.

Not buying yarn is hard for me though because it’s how I reward myself… so I’m trying to come up with other rewards. My plan is to instead put the money I’d be spending on luxury yarn aside, and then if/when my yarn out catches up with my yarn in, sign up for yarnbox. My plan is that yarnbox will kind of replace the Highland Handmades Color Study Club for next year – because I’m loving the surprise of getting something from Highland Handmades every month, but I’d rather get more of a range from different dyers next year. And if I use money set aside for yarnbox, that leaves me more money every month to buy from other dyers… Though I do hope to continue to Stationary Sheep next year.

Anyway, I’ll only allow myself to sign up for yarnbox before the Highland Handmades club is over if I catch up. I know I want to sign up for the socks box first. And then I’m considering the “classic” box too, but I don’t know. That would definitely give me a range, but it would also give lots of opportunity for stuff I don’t want. Of course, I could always sell or trade anything I don’t want. So I’m not sure on that yet.

I didn’t buy any luxury patterns and I got stuff done for Ramencon so Q3 goals were kind of a success.

Current hat count is 28 out of 52.

There’s no update to other goals.


Q4 Goals:

– Get WIPs finished or frogged.
– Knit/crochet 24 more hats.
– If my yarn out has not caught up to my yarn in by Black Friday, buy yarn sparingly on Cyber Monday. Catch up at least by the end of the year.
– Get those 15 items donated

Ramencon 2015

I had an amazing time at Ramencon!!

The Artist Alley was in a room this year, with opening/closing times and all that. I was really worried that less people would come buy, compared to last year (when it was in a hallway and people HAD to walk through to get to other things). But my worries were totally unfounded, and they did everything right – when the AA was open, there were multiple doors open wide and everyone walking down the hallway saw inside anyway.

And I was right across from one of those doors, leading to me having the ability to draw people in! And come in they did. I went to Ramencon with 6 boxes full of stuff, I was making stuff the whole time I was in the AA, and I left with ONE box. So, I sold very, very well. And this being a local con (~20 minutes away from me) meant that most of it was profit as I didn’t need a hotel room and only a little was spent on gas!

Closing times also had a benefit for me; all the panels I wanted to go to happened to be after the AA closed, so I didn’t have to worry about getting someone to cover the table while I went. And then I had a great time at the panels! So Ramencon was an all-around great convention.


Next up… if I even get in, is the Portage Christmas Craft Show in 9 weeks. I lollygagged on registering for it this year, and went back and forwards in my head deciding if I would or not… with how many online orders I’ve been getting this year, did I want to do it? I eventually decided that I need to do it to try to move some of the things I won’t advertise online, but that aren’t a good fit for Ramencon. So, I guess I’ll know soon if there’s even any spots left and if I’m in that or not.