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Ravellenic Games & Stash Dash end

Well, I didn’t get anywhere near as much as I planned done for the Ravellenic Games, but, considering that we just unexpectedly got an additional dog on the 8th, I think I did pretty good. I got at least 1 project done for each Ravellenic team, and I got over 5k meters in Stash Dash! Last year I only did 3382, but this year I did 5041.37. Maybe next year I can make it to 7k 🙂

This is the dog that has come to share our home, Ginger. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, 6 – 8 years old.


I didn’t think Shelley would be too happy about another dog in the house, but surprisingly she doesn’t really care, and Ginger quickly settled in. But man, I forgot how much work a new dog takes, even if it is older and housebroken. Ginger is very smart, which means she learns the rules quickly, but it also means she can figure out how to get into some stuff that I wouldn’t think to tell her not to, and that I can’t trick her into things like taking a pill by hiding it in cheese (if she hears or sees the pill bottle, she knows the pill is inside and will take the pill out). So she has kept me busy!

I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone, though, because there’s just a month until Ramencon!!

Sock Crush August 2016 – spoiler, review, and coupon code

As you may know, I signed up for Yarn Crush a few months ago and have been loving it. So when they announced their new Sock Crush box I had to give it a try! This month is the first Sock Crush shipment, and the one year anniversary of Yarn Crush. Read on to find out the details and what I thought of the first Sock Crush. Warning: spoilers! Continue reading

Ravellenic Games

Update: I can no longer recommend Yarnbox. See this ravelry thread to explain why –

I’m participating in the Ravellenic Games for the first time! I’m on 3 teams; Team Red Heart, Team Junkie, and Team Yarnbox. It’s one team per project (but as many projects per team as you like!), so I am fittingly doing my Red Heart projects for Team Red Heart, my Malabrigo projects for Team Junkie, and my yarnbox yarn projects for Team Yarnbox. Here’s the projects I have planned.

Today I wound up all the yarn I needed to wind for those projects. I have a hat that will be finished by tomorrow – and hopefully I will get an episode of Yarncast recorded either tomorrow or Friday – but I will be ready to go by cast on time Friday! This is a great way to motivate myself to actually get stuff done for Ramencon, because as always I’m worried I don’t have enough items. (And oh, my poor neglected blog, it’s almost time for Ramencon again and the post about last year is still on the main page – though this post might bump it off.)

On Friday, YarnCrush‘s first sock box ships! I should be posting a spoiler/review here sometime next week so check back for that!