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Amazon Craft Haul 3.22.13

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I love the fact that with an Amazon haul, I can link to everything and know readers can get it right there, and are very likely going to pay the same price. With physical craft stores, everyone’s store has different things in stock, different prices, etc. But with Amazon it’s all right there.

This craft haul from Amazon arrived Friday, but we had a weekend full of buying fish, plants and large snails and adding them to our fishtank. For the past year our tank has had a solitary fish, a single plant – which the fish had eaten most of the leaves from – and countless small snails (where were plentiful but not very interesting to watch). Now we have 11 fish, 3 large snails, and 5 plants. It’s much more interesting now; I could spend hours watching the fish interact and show their individual personalities (yes, fish do have them!), as well as figuring out where the huge snails have managed to hide! (We don’t have a cover – on is en route from Amazon – and yesterday a snail with a bright, very noticeable shell hid so well that we were pretty sure he’d climbed out! But after my husband thoroughly searched with a flashlight, we found he was just hiding.)


Anyway, about that haul. I got some soapmaking and stamp carving stuff, as well as a tool for making holes in bottlecaps…


The total was $98.33 >.< but none of this was bought willy-nilly - it's all either stuff I can't find at local craft stores, or stuff that I would pay much more for at local craft stores if I bought this amount. The Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment means I can take back what I said about buying a separate handle for each tip; this thing makes it easy and fast to switch tips without worrying about cutting myself!

So I’m off to start using this stuff. After I watch the fish for just a few more minutes……

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