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And now it’s December.

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Okay, apparently I went with the “too busy to post” option 🙂

At the craft fair, I made double my booth fee and handed out cards to some people that were interested in the higher price items or custom orders. I made one custom order on the spot, to a sweet kid who came over to talk to me about Pokemon, and said he really wanted one of my Pokemon items, but he only had $7 (I quickly whipped up a pokeball for him). I learned a lot, had a great time, bought a few gifts for my kids and still came home with a little money in my pocket.

So while I would have liked to make more of a profit, I’ll consider it a good show.

Some of the stuff that didn’t sell is up on my etsy. It looks so nice and full now ~

Well part of the reason I was too busy is… not only did I do that craft fair, but I GOT A DOG!


So there is definately some dog sweater knitting in my future. After December, though. During December, I have to try to get presents done while also getting commissions done. The commissions aren’t a problem, I was careful not to take on more than I can handle… but getting presents done for the kids, which I can only work on while they’re asleep, when I have to get up early to take the dog out… now that’s gonna be tricky.

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