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Another resolution update

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First of all, let me take a brief moment to squee….

Fuck Yeah.
Okay. Now that that’s taken care of…

Another new years resolution update! Yes, it is almost the middle of the year and I still remembered those! Let’s take a look at the list and check off what I have accomplished.

1. Buy more wool
2. Use more wool
3. Make more stuff to sell

4. Use the money from selling to get a new phone and washing machine
5. Use my library of pattens/books instead of buying more or finding more I want to buy
6. Use my stash of acrylic instead of buying more

I think I’m doing pretty damn good! #5 went just completly out the window, but I’m doing great with the others.

So the time has come to update this list a bit. Instead of a washing machine, I’m first going to focus on an embroidery machine and minky. Because I need to sew some quality pony plushies. Not want… need. It calls to me. I keep dreaming about it. Siiiigh. \

I also want to do things like embroider Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark onto my jacket that is Rainbow Dash colored on the outside and rainbow on the inside. But anyway…

Right now I can handsew felt plushies and draw cutie marks.

No, this just ain’t gonna cut it.

I can crochet ponies – and that’s partially why resolution #5 went out the window – but it just isn’t the same. And I have to use felt for the eyes and cutie marks when I’d rather embroider them.

But – and I know this makes no sense, because just 2 weeks ago I was thinking I would not be able to afford a camera and the KNT dvd and etc. for awhile – I really feel like the embroidery machine is not too out of reach. It’ll take some buckling down, and not having luxuraies for a bit, buying only what is needed for the bussiness, but… yeah. I feel like I can do it in a month or two.

I don’t know. Maybe getting KNT has made me feel invincable. Maybe I’m bipolar and this is one of my up moments. But I really feel good, and like the work I’ve been putting in this year to expand my craft horizons and grow CraftOtaku is making a difference.

Anyway… the other thing I need to change. I’ve made a lot of room for wool this year, and that’s great. I managed to not buy any acrylic until last week. But at that point I realized that the acrylic I had left was mostly stuff I was never going to use, and that I didn’t have some colors I needed anymore. Unfortunately I realized that when I had a deadline to make something out of acrylic, and I had to suddenly rush to the craft store, wasting gas and crafting time.

So, buying another skein of acrylic only when the color runs out doesn’t actually work for me, apparently. Lol. I took a real look at my acrylic stash, and decided that the stuff that I haven’t found a use for in the past 6 months (well, longer than that really, can’t remember when I actually got most of it), I’m not going to ever find a use for it (and if I do, I’m sure to be able to find it or a suitable replacement). I got it ready to be donated, making room for colors that I actually need. And now I need to go back to stocking up on colors I actually need.

So! An updated list:

Half Years Resolutions
1. Get an embroidery machine
2. Keep CraftOtaku growing
3. Stock up on acrylic I actually need, don’t get stuff I don’t need.

I’m giving up on the not buying patterns. It just ain’t gonna happen. I’ll just continue to buy them reasonably, which is pretty much part of getting an embroidery machine.

Well, gotta go. I’ve got a date with mai husbando tonight.


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