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10 pounds of Poly-fil

I’m still alive, and still crafting, as evidenced by the fact that I finished off a 10 pound box of Poly-fil yesterday! I bought it on 9/12/17 (or maybe that was the day I opened it). This was not my first 10 pound box, but this time I decided to keep track of just how many amigurumi I got out of it…


I stuffed 113 amigurumi with it!

In between boxes of Poly-fil, I tried some other brands of stuffing, and ultimately decided to stick with Poly-fil. It’s pleasant to work with, great at stuffing amigurumi into shape, and holds its shape over the years. The 10 pound box is pretty big, but it fits under my crafting table, so it’s always within arms reach. (I like to cut a hole in the side so that I can just reach under the table and grab it, without having to move the box.)

So today – May 12, 2019 – I’m opening a new 10 pound box of Poly-fil.

My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2015

Since parking was free, I took the toll road. I’m thinking that’s going to start being a con-going expense I set aside money for every time, free parking or not. Because that was a millions times nicer of a drive. Except for the part where one toll booth operator stole $5 from me… he saw I gave him a 10, said “Out of 10…” and then gave me change for a $5. My fault for not counting, especially since he seemed kind of awkward/suspicious as he gave me the change, but, bah. It’s lucky I noticed before I ended up at a toll with no more cash in hand. I’m probably going to get an I-Pass soon. Anyway;

My plan of doing both a Discord and a Flutterbat didn’t work out. I ended up starting Discord with 6 days to go before the con. Even though it took me about 40 hours, I finished him! And he is awesome. And he won first place in the handicraft contest.

IMG_5920 First Place :D
IMG_5923 IMG_5947
As for cosplay, I only got pics of what Yuji and Chance wore on Saturday.

IMG_5929 IMG_5930
IMG_5931 IMG_5932

Yuji ended up not going on Sunday, and Chance – who had been so excited to wear both tutu-involving cosplay – got upset because on Saturday, lots of people thought he was a girl. Lol, I don’t know what he expected. And honestly, people think he’s a girl no matter what he wears, because he’s so dang cute, and people for some reason think only girls can be cute or something. Well, he refused to wear the Fluttershy tutu on Sunday, so I kind of girled-down the cosplay; he wore pink pants, a yellow shirt with Fluttershy’s cutie mark on it, and carried a Parasprite plush I whiped together on Saturday night.


The kids have already requested different colors, and it only took me about an hour to make this – and that was with sewing the whole back of the thing together the first time (rather than just the back seam) and having to redo it. So I predict these will multiply just like the real thing. Well, not that fast, but you know what I mean.

The body is felt with embroidered eyes and mouth, and the wings and legs are felt. Felt is great for the legs, but not the wings – they just flop around, and kind of cover up the plush if you pick it up. But lesson learned, and this one works fine for sitting with my personal pony plushies. Sunday night Chance and I picked up some white fleece and blue fleece, so the next Parasprite should be blue with proper wings.

Anyway – my haul from the con!

MLP con 2015 Haul

* plushies – Blossom and Cherries Jubilee
* Twice as fancy pony Sugarberry, cuz nostalgia (this was one of my fav pony toys as a kid)
* Handmade purse that will be used as a project bag. It’s G3 fabric, and I don’t much like G3, but it’s green & purple so how could I not?
* Fair tote bags. I commandeered Wes’ too, so I have two. Those will also be used as tote bags.
* Fair t-shirt. Yuji & Chance also each got one.

It was a lot of fun, though it is definitely more a collectors fair than a convention. Next year though, we’ll have Whinny City Pony Con! Squeeeeee!

Monday is June 1st?!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. If you haven’t been keeping up, I added some hand painted safety eyes to my yarncast etsy. I also added my first pattern!


If you don’t crochet, never fear. I sell the FOs too!

il_570xN.773236313_mq7l il_570xN.773238035_jj0k

Eventually, I’ll be making Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, and (assembled) Mangle plushies and patterns. And I might make (disassembled) Mangle and Marionette plushies (not sure about patterns for those). But for now, other things need priority.

Monday is June 1st. (How’d that happen?!)

The My Little Pony Fair and Convention is June 27th & 28th, and I’ll be attending. If it stays close, I may consider selling eventually. But for now, I just get to attend and have fun!

Yuji and Chance want to enter the costume contest. So cosplay plans:

Yuji: Pinkie Pie
Chance: Rainbow Dash
Me: Apple Jack (different costume than previously)
Wes: Big Mac

Yuji: Twilight Sparkle
Chance: Fluttershy
Me: Rainbow Dash
Wes: Spike

So, I gotta make those. I have some new plans for all of these that I hope pan out.
I also plan on entering the “Handicraft” contest. I’ll crochet a Flutterbat and a Discord and decide which one I’m going to enter.

June also includes my birthday! On June 11th I will be *cough*ty.
So I’m excited about June!!

ACEN 2014 recap

So, ACEN 2014 is over. I only really took these two pics, of Yuji and Chance – sorta dressed as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash – in a Tardis.

IMG_4391 IMG_4392

One day we went as the Apple family – with Yuji, my brother and myself reprising our roles as Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Apple Jack. This time we added Chance as Smarty Pants. I didn’t get a picture of him in the full outfit, but here he is trying on his hat.


I did not make it to the Angela concert which left me slightly bummed. However it was made up for when I went to the Wake Up, Girls! “panel.” I thought we were going to watch the film and then the seiyuu were going to talk, answer questions, that sort of thing. Before we went into the room we were told “no flash photography, no video… and absolutely no panty shots are allowed” which I thought was half a joke or maybe meaning no putting your camera down to below-skirt level. But we went in, watched the movie, and then… the seiyuu recreated the performance. Dressed in school uniforms, and yes, complete with this part.

This is why I love you, Japan.

Of course, no one listened to the “no panty shots” rule.

My brother – who was staying with me for the duration of ACEN, since I live closer – requested this Charmander laying down.

IMG_4394 IMG_4393

It’s a really quick/simple version, and I made it on Saturday after going home for the night. In order to keep it quick/simple there’s no details on the feet nor tummy, and no needle felting. It has safety eyes – and no, they are not derpy, the white specks are actual shine/reflection of the light. (I just found that amusing because they look so… purposely put there). I think using oval eyes instead of round really makes it a Charmander, but those large oval eyes have to be ordered online, and including shipping they work out to 0.74 – $1.40 a pair (depending on how much I buy at once). So I’m not sure which is better, using those or going through the work of needle-felting the eyes.

Anyway, we had fun this weekend, but other than the musical guests, I’m thinking ACEN may not be worth it for me anymore. Every panel I was interested in happened to be run by people I’d met at Ramencon last year. Everything we were interested in in the Artist Alley was either people that will be at Ramencon this year or people that I already knew of online (who have online stores). I spent all my money on gas, parking, tolls, and food, and had nothing left to even spend in the Artist Alley – though Yuji & Chance made out like bandits (even Chance who only had $15. He got a $10 “mystery bag” that included a hat, a small plush and a bunch of buttons, and a $1 egg with a button inside. While these were just a smart way of getting rid of merchandise with imperfections, Chance was delighted. He loves blind bags, so that was like a dream come true for him. He also got a small $4 plush from someone else.). With Yuji and Chance being the ages they are, riding the trains doesn’t really save me money vs driving there anymore. No one wants to split a hotel room with kids – and I can’t afford one on my own. Every time I’ve stayed in a hotel for acen it’s been split with like 5 other people.

I’m not saying ACEN is bad or anything, just that it isn’t worth it to me, at this point in my life, to attend. If I were selling in the artist alley that would be different, and I’m glad I took this year to kind of re-scope it out (and determine things like; if I were doing the artist alley, I’d have to split a room, because it would be idiotic to try to drive there with a time limit – since traffic is so unpredictable – and back after a long day of selling).

Ahh well. I look forward to the day when Yuji is old enough to work a table, and earn enough from selling her art to split a room. Then we’ll be able to switch off, with one of us working the table while the other goes to panels 🙂

My 2ed Crochetversary!

Some time shortly after Christmas of 2010 I put away my crochet hooks, declaring crochet “too hard” with “too many things to remember”. But on May 4th, 2012, I picked it back up, determined to learn the magical art of amigurumi.

I knew nothing of choosing an appropriate yarn (which is why the new version is slightly less show-accurate in color), keeping stitches tight, row counters, wrong side vs right side, nor weaving in ends sufficiently – never mind advanced things like safety eyes and needle felted details! But I was determined. And on May 6th, 2012, a very special toy was born and given to my youngest, Chancey – who still loves, plays and sleeps with it.


In honor of my 2ed Crochetversary, I decided to crochet the same pattern again, to look at how much I’ve improved.


Looking at them side-by-side, the first one is a bit embarrassing. Oh, how proud I was of my holey, lop-sided, bulbous headed, one-leg-crocheted-wrongside-out Muno! But, we were all noobs once.

IMG_4301 IMG_4303 IMG_4308IMG_4302

The old one isn’t done in a fuzzy yarn – it’s actually pilled that much. And that’s just from being played with, it’s never been through the wash. It’s Banbry Crossing Wintuk, a yarn old enough to be not just acrylic, but 100% DuPont Orlon Acrylic.


Despite all its flaws, Chancey assures me that his Muno is better. It’s the perfect color and I made it just for him. Though Yuji snagged my very first attempt – a misshapen “ball” which I made to learn the basics of amigurumi

(I can’t even blame the time and love for this one – this picture was taken just after it was made)

– Muno was the first thing I ever crocheted for someone. And Chancey’s delight when I handed Muno over to him probably fueled my determination to get better, to make more, to in 2 years go from that misshapen ball to this.


And the love he still has for that original Muno makes me think about how amazing it is that there are at least 200 people in the world with items I’ve made. At least 200 people feeling the love I put into every item.

It’s crazy. And I can’t wait to make more.

Craft Fair is a go

It is official, I did what I needed to do, and I will be selling at the Portage Christmas Craft Fair on November 30th & December 1st.

Yeah, I already said I was going to do it, but as I had to use a check to pay the booth fee, I was kind of fearing it would be full by the time my check traveled the whole 17 miles over to the park via Pony Express. That pony is pretty elderly nowadays, and I wouldn’t exactly call what he does “express.” And last year they said it filled up about this time.

So there were a few stressful days where I was thinking “Omg why aren’t they emailing me it must be full and they are mailing the check back, or maybe it still hasn’t gotten there and it is sure to be full when it does… I have wasted so much time and tags putting price & care tags on this stuff and now I’ll have to sell it online” and then my husband said “Oh, they cashed it already.” >.< Well now it feels real, which of course brings on whole other kinds of stress, but I'm mostly feeling good and confident about it. I spaced out my etsy orders well, and I have plenty of time to make items for the fair and not get behind on those orders. Though after the fair it might be a mad scramble to get xmas presents finished for the kids...... Anyway, in addition to making stuff for the fair, I've got to figure out how to display stuff at the fair. I've already managed to find a folding table on sale, but I need things like a business card holder and hat display heads. So I thought, what sense does it make to pay for those? Doesn't buying a bunch of made-in-china crap for that kind of go against the whole idea of a craft fair? There has to be some way to make these myself... So I searched, and found all kinds of crazy, messy ways that often involved buying so much in materials that it would be the same price to just buy the things. But then I was hit with a stroke of genius: I can crochet them!


There’s my business card holder, and I also plan on crocheting a head or two 🙂

Also finished since the last time I posted:

IMG_3415 IMG_3426 IMG_3428

A “Dandy Sir Cephalopod”, a jumbo Pikachu Stalking, and a cute bear.

The bear taught me something. If something is meant for the craft fair, I’ve got to put it away quickly after completion, and not let Chance see it. Because he quickly gives them a personality. He decided this bear was the baby of a stuffed bear I have that sits on the back of the couch displaying some knitwear (I found this bear some time ago at a thrift store wearing what looks like a hand-knit Fair Isle sweater, so of course I had to rescue him). The cowl the bear is wearing became a sling. And they get sad if they’re apart for long, Chance says. So now I can’t bear to sell the baby bear >.<


It’s okay, I can part with the one bear without being set back, but from now on I’m immediately moving craft fair items to a box in my bedroom 🙂

Crochet it again

When I made this pitiful, derpy cat, I had no idea that just 15 months later I would have improved so much, nevermind have a successful business selling the stuff I make!

“Please kill me…”

After seeing the “plush this again” meme on deviant art, I decided to do this pattern again. Now with plush this again, you are suppose to take an older plush you thought was good and redo it to show how your skills have improved. Quite honestly, my skills improved so quickly, and I’ve sold so many of the older amigurumi that were good, that there aren’t really any good old ones to compare. But I felt a need to do this one again. Now this is the exact same pattern (using different ears in the pattern), and exact same yarn, but this time it actually looks like it’s suppose to! (Sorry for the horrible lighting.)

IMG_3235 IMG_3237 IMG_3240
IMG_3241 IMG_3239 IMG_3243

I learned pretty quickly how I messed up. I didn’t sew the head on sideways, though it looks like that ^^ (I did, however, switch the arms and legs >.<) I crocheted it wrong side out, didn't do decreases correctly, and didn't count the rows correctly. (I made similar mistakes on Muno, but as he is just a series of tubes, it wasn’t detrimental to his shape.) I didn’t weave in the ends very well, I guess I just cut them short and crocheted them in (I don’t remember how I was doing it then tbh), and they worked their way loose.

By August of last year I’d figured that all out, and made my first amigurumi sale, an elephant with a penis. Thanks partially to luck, partially due to work on my part, and largely to great people that like my stuff and recommend me, I will probably be in the black by the end of 2013. Profitable in 1 year is pretty darn rare for craft businesses. And that’s just from internet and word-of-mouth sales (combined with my extreme couponing and deal hunting to reduce the cost of materials and shipping supplies)! In 2014 I plan to do at least 1 artists alley at an anime convention and maybe a craft fair; table fees are nothing compared to etsy fees + paypal fees + shipping, and I’m lucky enough to be so close to a few cons that I wouldn’t even need a hotel room (and could just drive home at night).

Anyway, it’s rather embarrassing to put that derpy cat on here, but I think it shows how you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Or something.

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Someone wants a cyndaquil, and I figured I’d make a shiny one at the same time so that I could take a pic of both of them together before I send the one out.

This is them yesterday…


And this is them today…


Not sure what I’ll do with the shiny, I’m leaning toward keeping it for myself ^^

Unrelated but: the Bon Festival is Saturday, and Mitsuwa is having a huge book sale, hopefully there’s still some craft books left!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get the cyndaquils done while the light is still nice, so I’m off!

FO Friday – Pokemon!

So here is what I’ve finished this week. Obviously, not the idea I was talking about; I had gifts to do first. It’s in progress now, but slow going because I’m doing it in brief moments between controversial hats.

I didn’t end up going to see the new alpaca babies, because last Friday a neighbor invited me & the kids to a birthday party on Saturday… where we ended up swimming much of the day. An evening was just enough time to knit up a washcloth (which I won’t post here because it was finished last week and imo isn’t all that interesting), and pair it with some handmade soap.

So that was one of the gifts I had to do, and the other is this Pikachu… which I made some… special modifications to after these pics (which I won’t post online until after the recipient gets it).


You can get a made-to-order Pikachu at either of my stores. If you want modifications, you’ll have to do a custom order ^^

Before making Pikachu, I finished Snorlax

IMG_3128 IMG_3121 IMG_3116 IMG_3136

and he’s up for sale on my etsy.

Here’s a pic of them together, along with an official Pikachu plush, which just looks so derpy, especially comparatively…


You can’t really see it in the picture, but the mouth on the official plush is just like 🙂 rather than :-3, and since it is embroidered in really thin fabric, it’s like pressed in, making the Pikachu look like a granny that doesn’t have her dentures in.

Also, pretty much every seam on this thing has been resewn, because it has fallen out. And this fabric stains like crazy, but I dare not wash it, because it’s sure to fall apart >.< Sigh. I know that they can't make mass produced plushies with handmade quality, because then they'd have to sell them at handmade prices, but sometimes it's like, do they even try?

Anyway, those are my FOs for this Friday! And I ordered the embroidery machine today!!!! Yayay!