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Nightmare Rarity & ramblings

I crocheted a Nightmare Rarity. It took me way longer than it should have, and when I finally finished it, I got fabric glue all over the flank. It doesn’t show up in pictures, but it’s annoying enough in person to make me not want to sell this particular one. But, I can now make Nightmare Rarity if anyone wants to commission one…

Nightmare Rarity IMG_3106

There are poly-pellets in the feet, making her stand easily. There’s pipe cleaners in the tail and mane to make them do that wavy Nightmare Rarity thing. The cutie mark is 3 blue “bling” diamonds (from one of those “bag of bling” things) – I didn’t bother doing the rest of it – fabric glued on. I guess it’s good that I’m keeping this one, as I can use it to test how well this method of cutie mark holds up. The hair is sparkly, and the eyes are felt (I need new handsewing needles; I had a hard time sewing through the multiple layers of felt).

With that done I decided to work on a Pokemon next, so started a Snorlax

Snorlax in progress

Other than that, I’ve of course been making Controversial Hats. The mailman came way early today to pick one up, and scared the crap out of me, because he knocked on the door (at a time so early that no one knocks on the door) since it wasn’t outside yet.

And now more random stuff:

The two embroidery machines I’m going to choose between keep going up in price. Siiiigh. But I’m pretty much just one pony sale away from getting one at its current price. So if you were considering buying one, now would be a great time ^__^

The local alpaca farm has some new babies, I might go see them on Saturday.

After I finish the Snorlax I’ve got another idea, which I don’t think anyone has quite done in plushie/amigurumi form yet…

There were some more random things I was going to say, but I’ve got a killer headache today, and it’s making me forgetful. >.<


I started this on the 6th and finished it yesterday. Man I’m procrastinating. I used the Rainbow Dash body pattern and improvised the mane and tail.

IMG_3065 IMG_3070

I went with NerdyKnitter’s method of making eyes with felt. I love how they turned out! I’m definitely going to stick with that until I get an embroidery machine. Derpy is on etsy here.

Despite the procrastination on that, I’m getting other stuff done and doing great with saving up for that embroidery machine! I should have it sometime next month.

Rainbow Dash done!

Crocheted Rainbow Dash

IMG_3015 IMG_3027

Rainbow Dash is done and up for auction here.
If ebay isn’t your thing, you can also get one made to order at my Etsy. If Rainbow Dash isn’t your thing, there’s also Smarty Pants and/or you can request a different pony (ANY pony, including OCs!) over there too by clicking on “Request Custom Order” on the side.

Help make my dream of getting an embroidery machine in a month or two a reality!

Mitsuwa Haul… and another Joanns haul… and a Black Mage

This week has been so busy! I Feel like I was busy the whole time yet not getting anything done, other than on Wednesday when I got married. I actually typed out most of this post last Monday and then didn’t get a chance to add the pictures. So here it goes finally…

We made amazing time getting to Mitsuwa, and managed to have a relaxing lunch from Gabuto Burger before the Taiko performance started. They manged to get through the whole first performance – which the kids loved (I very much regretted forgetting my camera, they were dancing and clapping and just generally being adorable) – before it started to rain. Hard. So we headed home at a snail’s pace, only able to see the car in front of us, and not even able to see the lines on the highway – because there was a layer of water in the way.

As we got off the highway/back into town, the weather cleared up but all the power was out. Traffic lights, stores and restaurants, houses, everything was out. Branches were on the ground everywhere and I was thankful that I took the main highway back, where there is nothing to fall on me, rather than the back routes as I normally would have on Lollapalooza weekend. I steeled myself for another day of being without power, already thinking about what I would make for dinner without it. But surprisingly power was working on our street!

I got the crochet book Mahou no Tawashi Part 3, and a bucket of Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy which comes in a jar that is exactly like a yarn jar, just at $5 and filled with gelatin-free jello-like substance (we don’t eat gelatin and it is rare to find gelatin-free jello-like stuff, so that’s a real treat!) instead of $13 and filled with nothing like the yarn jars at the craft store!


Oh, I went to JoAnns on Friday (Friday before last, that would be, now) and got the last of the stuff on clearance. I think I’m pretty much set for Six Sock September… IF I can manage to not use this up before then. Which I am likely to do.

IMG_1725 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1726

(not pictured: more of that Kashmiria)

And then there’s this that was $1.50 at Walmart


I regret not getting more of it now. I hope to make Christmas sweaters for the kids (obviously can’t make them entirely out of this though unless there is more left next time I go), with that pink pompom stuff on the edges for Yuji.

Ray got this for his birthday


I frogged what I was originally going to give him (okay, thew it to the side to be frogged later), to restart it in that green Kashmira yarn, because I thought – duh, use the good and handwash stuff for the adults, leave the acrylic for the kids. The pink Kashmira will probably end up being a scarf too – not for me because I hate pink, but as a gift or to sell.

Oh, and I whipped this up for Chance yesterday so that he and Yuji no longer have to take turns with the single toy bottle we had in the house…


So I guess I did accomplish a couple of things, though I don’t really feel like it. Not much progress on any of my long term works in progress, and this week I have to worry about starting the process of getting Yuji and my last names changed. I should have started that process last week when using the car wouldn’t have been an issue, but I slacked off, sigh.

Also I haven’t made any progress with my savings toward a Kindle Fire. Every time I have to write down a pattern, wrestle the remote from someone else to check my email, or search through a book or magazine to find a pattern I am reminded of how much I want one. Siiiiiiigh.

Elephant finished, Etsy shop open, went to the LYS

I finished that elephant and put it up for sale… the first ever item in my Etsy shop!

I was not successful in my aspiration to not start anything else before something was done… I did crochet a quick doll dress before finishing the elephant. Oops. I didn’t get a picture of it before it went off to the black hole of the kids’ rooms either. Oh well.

The other projects are coming along nicely, I really should take some progress pics. X|

I went to Spinnin Yarns – the local yarn store – the other day and ended up spending more than I meant to…


Anyone that knows Yuji can tell by the buttons that she went with me. I’m totally blaming her for how much we spent.

I’m horrible, but this is the first time I’ve been there since they moved to a bigger place back in February. The new place is amazing though! My middle-years resolution is to support local businesses more. It’s kind of annoying how difficult it is to find out about local businesses and events here. The town website barely lists anything, and we get a “newspaper” listing weekly events… but we get it Thursday evening and it lists things from Monday -Wednesday. So basically with just that paper to go on, I have to scour the internet finding out if that organization is doing something else in the future. And I have found out a few events from that, but I just wish there was an easier way.

As for local businesses, the only way to find out about them seems to be to go out walking… and it’s been dangerously hot (though I really have no excuse for not walking around to them sooner since I have lived here for over 4 years). Not to mention I don’t have much money. I don’t want to go walking to those places and then not give them any money. I want to find out about them, then get money and go. Sigh. WHY U NO HAVE WEB PRESENCE? I think I found Spinnin Yarns through ravelry… I would never have known it existed if not for that.

Ahh well… here’s hoping for a day that isn’t dangerously hot so I can walk around… *drains coffee cup*

Stuff for Nathan

I don’t know why I haven’t uploaded this stuff yet. Time is just passing so quickly lately.

Nathan (kid #2; Yuji is #3 and Chance is #4) had his 6th birthday on May 31st. That penguin keychain was for him, along with what is suppose to be a kawaii Batman (I don’t know, all the kids recognized it immediately, but Ray says it doesn’t much look like Batman), and a green and yellow lolipop keychain since he was jealous of my lolipops (when I was making mine I really thought they would be too girly for his likes, so I didn’t make him one, but then both he and Chance wanted some, lol). I didn’t get a picture of they lolipops, so just imagine the other ones with green instead of blue. I also made him an amigurumi heart – my first use of the safety eyes I finally managed to find! – and Yuji insisted on taking a pic of it inside her Koolaid Jammers purse, another project I failed to blog about…

Amigurumi apple

It actually looks like an apple! Well, now that I put the leaf on the correct end! The first time, I put it on the bottom, and then sat staring at it for a few minutes wondering where I screwed up, why it looked like a pear. I’d counted diligently, moving my stitch marker as I began each new row, as the pattern had recommended.  Had I somehow accidentally looked at a pear pattern instead?! … Oh, no, I’m just an idiot that put the leaf on the wrong end. Once I put it on the other side it looked great, though for some reason the camera flash makes the stuffing show, while it doesn’t as much in person.

Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba

Chance is in love with Yo Gabba Gabba, so when I saw this I just had to make it. Even though the legs aren’t quite the right length and not quite even (both due to me losing count of rounds) I think it’s pretty darn good, especially considering that it is the first amigurumi I have ever done, and I only really learned to crochet the day before making it.

As it began to take shape, I showed it to Chance and he stared at it with a :O look for a full minute before saying “MUNO!!” So I knew I had made the right choice. I crocheted the eye – after 2 failed attempts to embroider it, one of those being on the wrong side (note, because there are thumbs, you must pick the front before putting on the arms!) – and did a combination of crochet and embroidery to make the mouth and teeth.