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Ramencon 2015

I had an amazing time at Ramencon!!

The Artist Alley was in a room this year, with opening/closing times and all that. I was really worried that less people would come buy, compared to last year (when it was in a hallway and people HAD to walk through to get to other things). But my worries were totally unfounded, and they did everything right – when the AA was open, there were multiple doors open wide and everyone walking down the hallway saw inside anyway.

And I was right across from one of those doors, leading to me having the ability to draw people in! And come in they did. I went to Ramencon with 6 boxes full of stuff, I was making stuff the whole time I was in the AA, and I left with ONE box. So, I sold very, very well. And this being a local con (~20 minutes away from me) meant that most of it was profit as I didn’t need a hotel room and only a little was spent on gas!

Closing times also had a benefit for me; all the panels I wanted to go to happened to be after the AA closed, so I didn’t have to worry about getting someone to cover the table while I went. And then I had a great time at the panels! So Ramencon was an all-around great convention.


Next up… if I even get in, is the Portage Christmas Craft Show in 9 weeks. I lollygagged on registering for it this year, and went back and forwards in my head deciding if I would or not… with how many online orders I’ve been getting this year, did I want to do it? I eventually decided that I need to do it to try to move some of the things I won’t advertise online, but that aren’t a good fit for Ramencon. So, I guess I’ll know soon if there’s even any spots left and if I’m in that or not.

My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2015

Since parking was free, I took the toll road. I’m thinking that’s going to start being a con-going expense I set aside money for every time, free parking or not. Because that was a millions times nicer of a drive. Except for the part where one toll booth operator stole $5 from me… he saw I gave him a 10, said “Out of 10…” and then gave me change for a $5. My fault for not counting, especially since he seemed kind of awkward/suspicious as he gave me the change, but, bah. It’s lucky I noticed before I ended up at a toll with no more cash in hand. I’m probably going to get an I-Pass soon. Anyway;

My plan of doing both a Discord and a Flutterbat didn’t work out. I ended up starting Discord with 6 days to go before the con. Even though it took me about 40 hours, I finished him! And he is awesome. And he won first place in the handicraft contest.

IMG_5920 First Place :D
IMG_5923 IMG_5947
As for cosplay, I only got pics of what Yuji and Chance wore on Saturday.

IMG_5929 IMG_5930
IMG_5931 IMG_5932

Yuji ended up not going on Sunday, and Chance – who had been so excited to wear both tutu-involving cosplay – got upset because on Saturday, lots of people thought he was a girl. Lol, I don’t know what he expected. And honestly, people think he’s a girl no matter what he wears, because he’s so dang cute, and people for some reason think only girls can be cute or something. Well, he refused to wear the Fluttershy tutu on Sunday, so I kind of girled-down the cosplay; he wore pink pants, a yellow shirt with Fluttershy’s cutie mark on it, and carried a Parasprite plush I whiped together on Saturday night.


The kids have already requested different colors, and it only took me about an hour to make this – and that was with sewing the whole back of the thing together the first time (rather than just the back seam) and having to redo it. So I predict these will multiply just like the real thing. Well, not that fast, but you know what I mean.

The body is felt with embroidered eyes and mouth, and the wings and legs are felt. Felt is great for the legs, but not the wings – they just flop around, and kind of cover up the plush if you pick it up. But lesson learned, and this one works fine for sitting with my personal pony plushies. Sunday night Chance and I picked up some white fleece and blue fleece, so the next Parasprite should be blue with proper wings.

Anyway – my haul from the con!

MLP con 2015 Haul

* plushies – Blossom and Cherries Jubilee
* Twice as fancy pony Sugarberry, cuz nostalgia (this was one of my fav pony toys as a kid)
* Handmade purse that will be used as a project bag. It’s G3 fabric, and I don’t much like G3, but it’s green & purple so how could I not?
* Fair tote bags. I commandeered Wes’ too, so I have two. Those will also be used as tote bags.
* Fair t-shirt. Yuji & Chance also each got one.

It was a lot of fun, though it is definitely more a collectors fair than a convention. Next year though, we’ll have Whinny City Pony Con! Squeeeeee!

Monday is June 1st?!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. If you haven’t been keeping up, I added some hand painted safety eyes to my yarncast etsy. I also added my first pattern!


If you don’t crochet, never fear. I sell the FOs too!

il_570xN.773236313_mq7l il_570xN.773238035_jj0k

Eventually, I’ll be making Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, and (assembled) Mangle plushies and patterns. And I might make (disassembled) Mangle and Marionette plushies (not sure about patterns for those). But for now, other things need priority.

Monday is June 1st. (How’d that happen?!)

The My Little Pony Fair and Convention is June 27th & 28th, and I’ll be attending. If it stays close, I may consider selling eventually. But for now, I just get to attend and have fun!

Yuji and Chance want to enter the costume contest. So cosplay plans:

Yuji: Pinkie Pie
Chance: Rainbow Dash
Me: Apple Jack (different costume than previously)
Wes: Big Mac

Yuji: Twilight Sparkle
Chance: Fluttershy
Me: Rainbow Dash
Wes: Spike

So, I gotta make those. I have some new plans for all of these that I hope pan out.
I also plan on entering the “Handicraft” contest. I’ll crochet a Flutterbat and a Discord and decide which one I’m going to enter.

June also includes my birthday! On June 11th I will be *cough*ty.
So I’m excited about June!!

Portage Christmas Craft Fair 2014 recap

Happy Cyber Monday! Thank you for taking a break from your cybering to read this!

I did pretty good at the Portage Christmas Craft fair. Surprisingly, others were saying they were doing horrible, and one lady even stormed out early saying she wouldn’t be back next year. I guess people were just giving all their money to me?

I do think they need to do better advertising. I saw basically none at all in the weeks leading up to the craft show. And I actually LOOKED. (I did see something after I left/it was over though, lol.) I was shocked when after the middle of the day Saturday, the organizer went around asking everyone if they had facebook. When they said yes, she asked everyone to share something about the show. Basically, she wanted US to do the advertising… after the show was already over a fourth done? Uh, no. First of all, I’d already been advertising on facebook, and second of all, that’s her job which should have been done weeks ago.

But with others complaining and the one lady leaving early, I think (/hope) she will wise up for next year. Which should mean I’ll do even better next year.

I wish I had gotten a picture of my “booth”. It was my first time using wire cube shelves and my banner. It worked out really well, and nothing fell. I was worried about it falling since the wire cube shelves that I keep my yarn on recently fell (again). But it was fine, and it even held up to a few kids that felt the need to manhandle it a bit.

I had a lot of fun. It was good to see a lot of the same sellers as last year. Most of them do more craft shows together, so know each other better, but I didn’t feel the odd person out at all. I grabbed a present for Chance, handmade by someone that had purchased something from me last year, lol.

If you’re here because of the craft fair (I handed out quite a few cards) then thank you for stopping by both the booth and my site! I’m having a Christmas Sale over on Etsy; if you saw something you liked at the fair but didn’t get it, it just might be over there. If you want something else just contact me for a custom order!

So my ranking for the Portage Christmas Craft Fair 2014: 7/10 will sell again.

Anyway, with that over, now I can think about Christmas! I signed up for Reddit Secret Santa again, of course. (I tried not to do many swaps this year, but Reddit Secret Santa and Arbitrary Day are two I will always do.) I got my giftee today, and he is so awesomely perfect! We share several interests, so the gears are already turning about what to give him.

I’m also excited about the things I plan to make for my kids. AND I’m excited for what 2015 will bring. I’ve already got a lot of ideas kicking around, but that’s for another post! Which I am actually going to go type right now. Cya there!

Lego KidsFest Indianapolis 2014 Recap

tl;dr and really bloggy warning

About 6 weeks ago Chance found out about Lego KidsFest Indianapolis and asked if we could go. I said that he would have to pay for his own ticket and food and part of the gas, as well as any spending money, and that I would have to give him an advance in his allowance for him to be able to afford it. I expected that not being able to buy anything for 8 weeks would put him off immediately, but to my surprise both he and Yuji powered through and yesterday we went.

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Ramencon 2014 was AWESOME

Ramencon was tons of fun, very financially successful, and FUN! It was the most fun I’ve had at a convention in years, which is crazy because I was “working” most of the time! It left me wanting more. not going “arrgg why did they put x on Sunday, I have to get up and go this last day just for x? Why did I say I’d go to/do x?” Nope, it left me going “Why is it over?!? I can’t wait till next year!”

The intro to an awesome panel I attended

If you met me at Ramencon and want to be friends, my personal facebook is at (Or if you’re trying to buy something and you don’t see it in my stores, just contact me at for a custom order). Links to all the other social whojamawhatsits are over there! –>

I am exhausted, and feel like I should sleep for about a week right now. But my mind is racing with things I want to get started crafting for the Xmas craft fair, for the online xmas season, and – shhh! – for xmas presents for my kids, as well as on ways to reorganize my craft area now that I have some money for shelves. Over the past I-don’t-know-how-many-months my craft area has become unusable due to nowhere to put a lot of stuff. My finished items for Ramencon were actually stacked where my chair would go if I could use my desk! Now a lot of those are gone, but those boxes will quickly be refilled with items for the Xmas craft fair so I have to move them somewhere. So, off I go to work on that!

ACEN 2014 recap

So, ACEN 2014 is over. I only really took these two pics, of Yuji and Chance – sorta dressed as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash – in a Tardis.

IMG_4391 IMG_4392

One day we went as the Apple family – with Yuji, my brother and myself reprising our roles as Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Apple Jack. This time we added Chance as Smarty Pants. I didn’t get a picture of him in the full outfit, but here he is trying on his hat.


I did not make it to the Angela concert which left me slightly bummed. However it was made up for when I went to the Wake Up, Girls! “panel.” I thought we were going to watch the film and then the seiyuu were going to talk, answer questions, that sort of thing. Before we went into the room we were told “no flash photography, no video… and absolutely no panty shots are allowed” which I thought was half a joke or maybe meaning no putting your camera down to below-skirt level. But we went in, watched the movie, and then… the seiyuu recreated the performance. Dressed in school uniforms, and yes, complete with this part.

This is why I love you, Japan.

Of course, no one listened to the “no panty shots” rule.

My brother – who was staying with me for the duration of ACEN, since I live closer – requested this Charmander laying down.

IMG_4394 IMG_4393

It’s a really quick/simple version, and I made it on Saturday after going home for the night. In order to keep it quick/simple there’s no details on the feet nor tummy, and no needle felting. It has safety eyes – and no, they are not derpy, the white specks are actual shine/reflection of the light. (I just found that amusing because they look so… purposely put there). I think using oval eyes instead of round really makes it a Charmander, but those large oval eyes have to be ordered online, and including shipping they work out to 0.74 – $1.40 a pair (depending on how much I buy at once). So I’m not sure which is better, using those or going through the work of needle-felting the eyes.

Anyway, we had fun this weekend, but other than the musical guests, I’m thinking ACEN may not be worth it for me anymore. Every panel I was interested in happened to be run by people I’d met at Ramencon last year. Everything we were interested in in the Artist Alley was either people that will be at Ramencon this year or people that I already knew of online (who have online stores). I spent all my money on gas, parking, tolls, and food, and had nothing left to even spend in the Artist Alley – though Yuji & Chance made out like bandits (even Chance who only had $15. He got a $10 “mystery bag” that included a hat, a small plush and a bunch of buttons, and a $1 egg with a button inside. While these were just a smart way of getting rid of merchandise with imperfections, Chance was delighted. He loves blind bags, so that was like a dream come true for him. He also got a small $4 plush from someone else.). With Yuji and Chance being the ages they are, riding the trains doesn’t really save me money vs driving there anymore. No one wants to split a hotel room with kids – and I can’t afford one on my own. Every time I’ve stayed in a hotel for acen it’s been split with like 5 other people.

I’m not saying ACEN is bad or anything, just that it isn’t worth it to me, at this point in my life, to attend. If I were selling in the artist alley that would be different, and I’m glad I took this year to kind of re-scope it out (and determine things like; if I were doing the artist alley, I’d have to split a room, because it would be idiotic to try to drive there with a time limit – since traffic is so unpredictable – and back after a long day of selling).

Ahh well. I look forward to the day when Yuji is old enough to work a table, and earn enough from selling her art to split a room. Then we’ll be able to switch off, with one of us working the table while the other goes to panels 🙂

Yarncon (and other conventions)

Yarncon is happening in Chicago on April 5th & 6th, and I will most likely be attending for one day (haven’t decided which yet). I won’t be taking any classes or anything; it’ll be purely to scope it out for future selling purposes (when/if I ever get the dying off the ground), see my favorite dyers in person, and pick up a couple of skeins of yarn. So anyone that wants to hang out, let me know!

I’m also looking at other conventions this year and next. I’m most likely going to attend Anime Central in May (motherfucking angela is going to be there. I fucking love angela.), and Brickworld in June. I’m definitely selling at Ramencon in September. I’m looking for other conventions to sell at… Kollisioncon would be perfect for me, but unfortunately the Artist Alley is already filled for 2015. The search continues…

And now it’s December.

Okay, apparently I went with the “too busy to post” option 🙂

At the craft fair, I made double my booth fee and handed out cards to some people that were interested in the higher price items or custom orders. I made one custom order on the spot, to a sweet kid who came over to talk to me about Pokemon, and said he really wanted one of my Pokemon items, but he only had $7 (I quickly whipped up a pokeball for him). I learned a lot, had a great time, bought a few gifts for my kids and still came home with a little money in my pocket.

So while I would have liked to make more of a profit, I’ll consider it a good show.

Some of the stuff that didn’t sell is up on my etsy. It looks so nice and full now ~

Well part of the reason I was too busy is… not only did I do that craft fair, but I GOT A DOG!


So there is definately some dog sweater knitting in my future. After December, though. During December, I have to try to get presents done while also getting commissions done. The commissions aren’t a problem, I was careful not to take on more than I can handle… but getting presents done for the kids, which I can only work on while they’re asleep, when I have to get up early to take the dog out… now that’s gonna be tricky.