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2017 Goal Status and 2018 goals

– 52 hats
I completed 33. (3 I didn’t take pictures of)


– 52 Pokemon
I completed 46


– 24 items for charity
Not sure if I was high or what when I made that goal. I completed 11.

– 12 pairs of socks
This is the one goal I actually completed! I knit 13 pairs of socks. However I did fail the Brown Bag Sock Club and Box of Socks, since I didn’t knit 12 pairs *for myself*. (I made 6 for myself, 5 for chance, and 2 for charity.) But now I have enough socks to actually wear, and I can save my 2018 Box of Socks until the end of the year…


– Try Noro

– Make a sweater for myself.
Well, I started one, at least.

– Make a good project bag with a zipper.

– Use my library more.
I’m not even sure how I planned on measuring “more” but there’s much less in my Ravelry purchaes page for this year than last year so I’m going to guess that’s a win…

– Reduce number of WIPs
Uh. I should have noted the number of WIPs I had so that I could see if this was sucessfull or not.

2018 Goals

– 52 hats
– 52 Pokemon
– 12 items for charity
– 12 pairs of socks for myself1
– Finish a sweater for myself.
– Reduce number of WIPs (current count is 25 in progress and 17 hibernating)
– knit more yarn than I purchase2

1. I plan on doing the Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club to more encourage myself to actually make myself socks. I also plan on double (triple) dipping these into the Stockinette Zombies self-striping KAL (since all my DVD yarn is self-striping) and the YarnGasm Box O Sox KAL.

2. So I have failed this one every year that I have kept track. But… I really need to start doing this. I have stopped all clubs. I’ll still buy the Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month (forever) but other than that, I’m going to try to stick to buying luxury/personal yarn only from Eat Sleep Knit and severely reduce the amount of yarn coming in. My nearest Tuesday Morning shut down, so that should sadly help, as I don’t get much opportunity to go to the next closest one.

I’m going to go back to breaking this into quarters (and, hopefully, use my blog more than once a year?) so:

Q1 Goals

13 Hats
13 Pokemon
3 items for charity
3 pairs of socks for myself

2016 goal status and 2017 goals

So here were my 2016 goals and how I did:

– Try again for 52 hats. This will include this baker’s dozen of Woolly Wormhead patterns.

Completed 52 hats, but not a dozen Woolly Wormhead patterns.


– Use my library. Only buy patterns if I’m going to start them immediately. Only buy books if there is a pattern I will start immediately.


– Make 16 items to donate.

I had 9 items finished for or shipped to charity in 2016, so in 2017 I’m going to try for 24 (7 +17)

– Stationary Sheep; get at least as much yarn out as I take in.

Not even close. I am giving up on this; it obviously doesn’t work for me. I’m still going to keep track of yards in and out, but I’m not going to stress about it.

– Learn this “Invisible Stranding” technique.


– Make a good project bag with a zipper.


– Try Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and Noro.

2 out of 3 – I tried Madelinetosh and Malabrigo.

– Design a hat pattern.


– Finish or frog all my WIPs, and keep the number lower.


– Start going to the library again.

Went a few times but fell out of it again.

– Make a sweater for myself.


– Review some stuff.


2017 Goals
– 52 hats
– 52 Pokemon
– 24 items for charity
– 12 pairs of socks
– Try Noro
– Make a sweater for myself.
– Make a good project bag with a zipper.
– Use my library more.
– Reduce number of WIPs


I’m behind on posting about Q2 being over… I’m behind on just about everything, truth be told, after being super sick for the past couple of weeks (nothing contagious, don’t worry). I’m really glad I chose to go to the MLP Fair and Convention and not Bronycon nor Anime Midwest (which is all the same weekend) this year, because I don’t think I’d have the energy for either of those. To make MLP con tolerable I’m not participating in any contests, not volunteering for anything, etc. this year.

Not buying any more yarn till MLP con went out the window because the Willow Rustic line, which I love, was discontinued and sent to Tuesday Morning. I may have cleaned out my closest Tuesday Morning of Willow yarn completely, and got all the Rustic (not light) from the next closest Tuesday Morning. 56 balls of Willow Rustic and 20 balls of Rustic Light. So 9640 yards. Here’s my Rustic collection now


I totally failed at Stationary Sheep (have I said that already?). I’m already at 62,024 yards in, and only 10,253 out. Yarncrush has a new sockbox starting in August, which I felt the need to give a try >.> So yeah, let’s just remove that one from the goals list as a fail.

Other goals worth mentioning:

– 52 hats, including 12 Woolly Wormhead patterns: Currently at 24 hats, 3 Woolly Wormhead patterns are complete. I won a Woolly Wormhead pattern from the Woolly Dozen KAL, which is making me feel like I need to get my butt in gear with those.

– Use my library: Well, I’ve completed 40 projects, and only 4 were not free nor already in my library. However, I purchased 16 patterns so far this year. So obviously I didn’t stick to only buying patterns I’d start immediately. I plan to work on this the second half of the year.

– Make 16 items to donate: 4 items complete that were made specifically for donating, and there’s some others I will probably donate.

– Make a good project bag with a zipper: not yet

– Try Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and Noro: Madelinetosh and Malabrigo both tried and loved.

– Finish or frog all my WIPs, and keep the number lower: lol no

– Make a sweater for myself: not yet

Oh, and how has the Brown Bag Sock Club gone in Q1 & Q2? Well, apparently I counted wrong and I only had 11 left. I’ve completed 3, so I’m not opening one this month to catch up on the other 3.

There’s just 78 days till Ramencon, and Yuji and Chance each want a sweater for their Halloween costumes, so;

Q3 Goals

– Get stuff done for Ramencon

– Work on the kids’ Halloween costumes

Where did Q1 go?

Update: I can no longer recommend Yarnbox. See this ravelry thread to explain why –

Woah, wait, what? Q1 is over already? This is an April Fools joke, right?

Man, today is a busy day. With it being the first of the month, it’s shipping day for Yarnbox Socks, release day for Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month, the end of some KALs, and the beginning of new ones. It’s also the first day of Whinny City Pony Con (though I’m only going Saturday) and the last day before Yarncon (I’m going Sunday), so I’m getting ready to attend those!

But since Q1 is over, let’s look at how am I doing on my goals so far. Continue reading

2016 goals

I made 47 hats in 2015!

hatsNow that I look at all of these, I’m pretty sure at least 15 of them are from patterns. So I’m going to call the “knit 15 hats from patterns” goal a success and the 52 hats an almost, but not quite.

As for Stationary Sheeping… again, not quite. But, I did knit and crochet quite a bit, and I kept track of everything.

Yards in 2/9/15 – 12/31/15: **25500**
Yards out 2/9/15 – 12/31/15:

So, with the 2015 goals settled, my 2016 goals are

– Try again for 52 hats. This will include this baker’s dozen of Woolly Wormhead patterns.
– Use my library. Only buy patterns if I’m going to start them immediately. Only buy books if there is a pattern I will start immediately.
– Make 16 items to donate.
– Stationary Sheep; get at least as much yarn out as I take in.
– Learn this “Invisible Stranding” technique.
– Make a good project bag with a zipper.
– Try Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and Noro.
– Design a hat pattern.
– Finish or frog all my WIPs, and keep the number lower.
– Start going to the library again.
– Make a sweater for myself.
– Review some stuff.

So, thems the goals! Happy New Year everybody!

Nearing the end of 2015

So let’s take a look at my Stationary Sheep and my goals…

I destashed quite a bit, and subtracted that from my yarn in. And I did buy sparingly during Cyber Monday. So the current count is:

Yards in since 2/9/15: 25500
Yards out since 2/9/15: 20101

So, I’m pretty close! I will not be buying any more yarn this year, so I do have a chance to catch up. If I finish all the stuff i want to finish this month, I should be in the black.

I said my goals for this year are:

Donate 15 items
Knit 15 different patterns of hats
Finish 2014 afghans.
Buy only 15 patterns (other than patterns from a list of certain people)
Dye 15 skeins of yarn
Buy 15 skeins of handdyed yarn, updated to 30

Donate 15 items
I still haven’t done it. My plan is to pick out 15 suitable items that haven’t sold after Christmas. And finish the one item that is specifically for donating.

Knit 15 different patterns of hats
I am currently at 13, have 1 in progress and have plans to do another two this month.

Current total hat count is 43 out of 52.

Finish 2014 afghans.
Fail. Didn’t happen… probably ain’t gonna happen.

Buy only 15 patterns (other than patterns from a list of certain people)

1. Big Herringbone Hat
2. Contrast
3. Diamond Cut Fingerless Mitt Collection
4. Aria’s Hat
5. Ultimate Mittens
6. Knits for Boys
7. Lidian
8. Bancroft Top ebook
9. Celestial Wonders Afghan
10. Handbrake
11. Chloe The Panda
12. Noodle
13. pineapple hat
14. workmans sock
15. red riding mittens
16. knotted pine
17. red flannel
18. peppermint & pine set
19. Zart mittens
20. Mom’s Favorite Color
21. Corbet Brook Mittens
22. Great Big Slouch

So, I did not buy only 15. But It’s still much better than 2014 where I bought more than 70 and used less than 5 of those. Status: fail, but much better than last year. I will not buy any more the rest of the year.

Dye 15 skeins of yarn
I did 20-something… I lost count. But that was a success.

Buy 30 skeins of handdyed yarn
I bought 39. A far cry from last year, when I bought 4! I have pretty much stopped buying yarn at craft stores; it is all either luxury yarn, or buying in bulk or at a discount. So that is a success.

I totally failed at the “brown bag sock club”. I made 15 bags, and I’ve got 12 left (so, that will be my brown bag club for next year. And I will be totally surprised because I have forgotten what is in them all), and one or two of the ones I did open I never got around to casting on.

I also haven’t gotten many of my 15 oldest skeins done, but if I get the wips done that I want to get done this month, I think that will take care of all of them that aren’t in the brown bags. Heh.

December Goals

9 more hats. Like I said I have 1 in progress and 2 planned so that only leaves 6 to plan.

Finish some WIPs! I still have about 28 WIPs I want to finish this month. It is doable if I actually do it but the problem is doing it… lol.

Q3 2015 Goals Recap

Update: I can no longer recommend Yarnbox. See this ravelry thread to explain why –

Uh, where did Q3 go? I blinked and I think I missed it.

Stationary Sheep From February 9 – Black Friday
IN: 30,011
OUT: 14,500

So obviously, I failed on not buying any luxury yarn in Q3. However! In Q3 I did get more out than came in! So I’m on the right track. Kinda. Again, that’s only the yardage out for finished projects, so I have actually gotten quite a bit more than that “out”… I just need to finish all my WIPs! Especially since I hope to start 2016 with a clean slate – no WIPs, so I can accurately reset the count on yards in and out.

Not buying yarn is hard for me though because it’s how I reward myself… so I’m trying to come up with other rewards. My plan is to instead put the money I’d be spending on luxury yarn aside, and then if/when my yarn out catches up with my yarn in, sign up for yarnbox. My plan is that yarnbox will kind of replace the Highland Handmades Color Study Club for next year – because I’m loving the surprise of getting something from Highland Handmades every month, but I’d rather get more of a range from different dyers next year. And if I use money set aside for yarnbox, that leaves me more money every month to buy from other dyers… Though I do hope to continue to Stationary Sheep next year.

Anyway, I’ll only allow myself to sign up for yarnbox before the Highland Handmades club is over if I catch up. I know I want to sign up for the socks box first. And then I’m considering the “classic” box too, but I don’t know. That would definitely give me a range, but it would also give lots of opportunity for stuff I don’t want. Of course, I could always sell or trade anything I don’t want. So I’m not sure on that yet.

I didn’t buy any luxury patterns and I got stuff done for Ramencon so Q3 goals were kind of a success.

Current hat count is 28 out of 52.

There’s no update to other goals.


Q4 Goals:

– Get WIPs finished or frogged.
– Knit/crochet 24 more hats.
– If my yarn out has not caught up to my yarn in by Black Friday, buy yarn sparingly on Cyber Monday. Catch up at least by the end of the year.
– Get those 15 items donated

Q2 2015 Goals Recap

So somehow it is July 6th already. Honestly, I spend the last week recovering from the MLP con and crocheting Discord the week before. I only now feel like I’m starting to get back on track and into my normal routine. It didn’t help that I started feeling sick last Monday, but at least that waited until after the con. Anyway~ better late than never! Here’s the Q2 goals recap. Continue reading

Loving my library and my stash

My goal of buying less patterns in 2015 is going well. I have purchased a few (3 and one ebook), but they were things I really needed a pattern for and plan to start soon.

I got a 3DS flash cart, but other than that all my fun money this year has been going toward yarn. Which means I’ve bought a LOT of yarn this year. This is my stash in January; click for details of what everything is.

Yarn Stash Jan 2015

And here it is a few days ago the acrylic hasn’t changed much (except that I got 15 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Light Grey, because it’s the perfect color for Derpy and seems to have been discontinued, so I bought a bunch where I could find it), so I didn’t re-photograph that, but I got some more self-striping sock yarn, removed the bamboo mix yarn from the solid sock yarn, and refilled the solid cube with wool and wool/nylon –


I think my stash is a good size now, and I don’t have any more room to expand it. (Truth be told, some of it is on the floor right now because it doesn’t fit on the shelf. But I plan to use that quickly.) So I have decided to go “Stationary Sheep” – keep my stash the same size by only buying as much as I use – at least until Black Friday. You may notice that there is now a Knitmeter on the side, keeping track of how many yards I have knit and crocheted since February 9th. On my Ravelry profile I’m keeping track of how many yards come in. As of today, 1600 yards have come in and 1802 have gone out (since February 9th). But I’m in the Highland Handmades color study club and I have been buying the Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month each month (and plan to keep doing so) so, I need to work hard to get more out before Yarncon! I’ll be good if I can keep getting out 900 yards a week… if I stop buying stuff.

So, I’m trying to take part in SnapDragonCrafts‘ Love Your Library Challenge. I also, at some point, signed up for BookishStitcher’s 15 oldest skeins challenge. My oldest documented skeins are from 2012 – that was when I started buying wool, discovered the LYS, and started knitting socks (I actually said back then that I wasn’t going to handwash socks. loooooooooololololol!). It was when I started buying wool that I started using the Ravelry stash, so while some of my acrylic may be older, I’m just not going to count that. So, here’s my 15 oldest skeins


Most of it is from the same trip to Joanns. (I still have not used that book nor those bells :X) I wish I knew then what I knew now, so that I would have realized the Kashmira and Soles and More were being discontinued and bought more. The Kashmira especially, because come on; self-striping, 100% wool in something heavier than fingering?! How did this get discontinued?!??! Sigh. Well I have just used up the last of it. At least I made something for myself, so I can look at its wonderfullness.


(Chance took this picture for me. Thank the lord, I finally have someone that can take the pictures I can’t take! My husband can’t take pictures of me for shit.)

These will replace my Vancouver Fog fingerless mitts – which were made out of the NaturallyCaron Country I got in that same haul, lol – but due to being 75% acrylic, and the fact that I use them all the time (inside the house, cuz like I said, if I wore them outside my fingers were cold), they kind of fell apart in some places and did-something-like-felting in others (of course, acrylic doesn’t felt, but it looks like they felted, just without getting smaller). I’m assuming/hoping 100% wool will fare better.

The rest of the Caron Country will be an afghan already in progress. The Patons Kroy and Soles and More will be socks. The Bernat Sox will be a Happypotamus. The Berroco Flicker (which I didn’t even have a full skein of left in the first place) has already been partially used in a hat, and now there’s little enough left that it’s gone into the scrap box.

So all that is left to figure out is the Plymouth Yarn Galway Colornep. I don’t remember what I used part of it on, but I used 20% of it – so there’s not enough left for a hat. I could make kid-sized socks if I did contrasting heels and toes, but I kind of want something long-lasting rather than something the kids are going to outgrow (though I am thinking of sewing all the handmade socks into an afghan once they are outgrown by the last kid. But that’s a different post…). So I’m thinking either a toy or some Lambing Mitts. But do I need more fingerless mitts? If I don’t keep them that kind of defeats the point. Maybe I’ll use it as one of the colors in Daphne and Delilah – I got the toys and the pattern in a Christmas 2012 swap and Chance has been asking me to make him a set every since. There’s that year again – maybe it’s a sign? Hmm.

On the otaku side of things: I totally scored today, I found a Lyra toy for $3 at Walmart!

Anyway, it is 1:45 am and I plan on starting a sweater tomorrow (I mean, later today) – one of those patterns I bought, a sweater for Yuji, but more on that soon. See ya!

Welcome to 2015!

Wow. It is 2015. How did that happen?

Well, several things have happened since my last confession. Somehow, I did not crochet two more Pokemon. So I guess I didn’t do 14 of anything in 14. But trying is half the battle, or something, right? And I’m going to try harder in 2015.

So what DID happen in the end of 2014? First of all, I got about 20 balls of Willow Rustic.


and yep, I love it! I definately see more Willow purchases in my future.

Then I had a great Christmas. My Grandma-In-Law gave me this huge bag, great for large projects, and a Joanns gift card which I promptly spent on yarn and a row counter (because I can never have too many of those!)

IMG_5295 IMG_5290 IMG_5292

I got Patons North America Kroy Socks Stripes in Spring leaf stripes and Meadow stripes. These are new-to-my-Joanns colors; I’d never seen them before.

After that, my baby turned 5! It’s so strange that he turned from this weird living blob-thing into a person. Oh, that’s horrible, isn’t it? I shouldn’t call babies weird blob-things… but come on, we all know babies are f’ing weird, right?

IMG_0463 Chance & the scarf IMG_1041 IMG_4860

I mean, look at that. One day he’s just laying there. The next, his sparse hair is red. Then it’s black again and he’s trying to use a mouse as a phone. Then today he’s a regular little boy who loves cars and baby dolls with penises, aspires to someday work at the supermarket so that he can help his parents buy a bigger house – which he will continue to live in with them forever – and asks for my credit card number because he’s found an educational materials site and wants to buy some puzzles.

What’s up with that?

Anyway, now 2015 is here!!!! And like I said, I’m going to try harder. Last year I gave up rather quickly on the brown-bag-sock-club thing… well this year I have given it another chance. And this time around. I have 15 skeins/sets of balls/whatever that I know I will actually like to make socks out of.


I caked these up so they are ready to go, and filled the other bags with sets of Patons Kroy (and one Soles & More)


I labeled the self-striping so that I can work this into other challenges/KALs/etc. But there they are; 15 brown bags of sock yarn. Some may actually become mitts of some sort, I’m not sure yet, but I do hope/plan to use all these up in some way, and replace them over the year.

Buying 15 skeins of indie dyed yarn this year should be no problem; I’ve already got 12 covered, as I joined the Highland Handmades club! But I signed up for worsted, so that won’t be replenishing my sock yarn. Since Leading Men Fiber Arts is suppose to start doing a color of the month, I expect them to help with that!

Anyway, I’m working on some socks for Chance – I let him pick out yarn for them on his birthday, and he chose Hearthside Fibers Vanilla Sox in Electric (because blue. He is all about blue lately. Blue and only blue. Some of that may actually be purple though? SHH! Don’t tell him!)


I am at the heel of sock #2, and once that’s done it’s all downhill from there (in the positive way!) so they really are almost done.

Once they are finished I will cast on the first of the Brown Bag Club socks. I will be doing self-striping for the Sock Knitters Anonymous January challenge, so…


I will be knitting Jaywalker in Patons Kroy Socks Fiesta Jacquard! I don’t think anyone has done this pattern with this specific colorway (at least, no one has listed it correctly in their projects if they did) so that will be interesting to see 🙂

AND I found some awesome fabric at Tuesday Morning today. So I will be starting on those 15 project bags soon! But right now… sleep >.< I have been super-sick (which is why this is a blog post and not a video as I would like it to be) which has led to super-tiredness but the show must go on... which means I still had to shop today, and tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the package the mail man OF COURSE tried to deliver right after I left, and take the kids to my great-niece’s birthday party (oh, she is going to have a little sister in April! What?? How’d that happen? Time is all screwed up I’m telling you).

So. Hope you guys are enjoying 2015 so far! Other than being sick, I certainly am. I got sale #150 over at and I got a couple of destash yarns listed at (handdyed yarn and project bags will be there soon!). And I’m so excited about things to come!! Nighty night!