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Yarn in and upcoming KALs to get it out

Didn’t I promise you guys a haul? I’m sorry. I did make a haul video but shortly after that, I found out Koji Wada died on April 3rd. I was quite upset about that and it took me awhile to get back on track.

I didn’t really buy anything at Whinny City Pony Con, but I went all out at Yarncon.


Details of the yarn are in my Ravelry Stash here, or in the video.

I was right when I said I probably wouldn’t have any more room for new stash after Yarncon. My stash is full and I’ve run out of room to expand.

Yeah, I’ve said that before. But you know what? I was lying. There was more room to expand. I had to anchor the shelf to the wall and I have to stand on something to reach the top now. Now there’s really no more room to expand.

Despite that, I signed up for YarnCrush last month :X

So now I get 5 deliveries a month. I get about 1600 yards from those 5 deliveries, which isn’t a problem because I knit/crochet about 1600 yards a month. The problem comes from the OTHER yarn… like at Yarncon I bought about 4600 yards. And then there’s that temptress, Tuesday Morning, calling out to me whenever I’m running errands, saying I should just check if there’s any new yarn.


Well, I plan to stop buying other yarn until after the MLP Fair and Convention, at least. And I’ll be participating in a few KALs this summer on Ravelry to try and get the stash down.

First of all, there’s the Summer of Socks with the Bakery Bears, which is May 25th – August 21st. I’ve got a lot of socks to work on, since Chance just outgrew the last of his socks, and I got behind on my Brown Bags. (Although actually, the 12 brown bags for this year are left over from the 15 I made up for last year, so I was already a year behind. Shush.)

Secondly there’s Stash Dash with the Knit Girllls, which goes May 27th – August 21st. Last year I did 5k meters, so this year I’m setting my goal at 7k.

The beginning of this overlaps with the end of MadMay. I doubt I will make any socks in Madelinetosh by the end of the month, so that’s just a double dip not a triple.

Until July 15 there’s the 5000k Contest in the KAL Fanatics group. I have a few eligible patterns that I was planning on knitting anyway, so I will be entering them.

In June, Knit Yo Balls in the Sassypants Knitter group will be doing neon balls. I have several neon balls, some that are destined to become socks, so… (yes, my multi-dipping game will be strong this summer. I have a spreadsheet to keep it all straight.)

June 15 – September 15 in the Actually Knitting Podcast Group there’s a podcast kal where you use yarn, a pattern, or a project bag from a podcaster you like. We all know I have a ton of Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn from Dramatic Knits! I also have a project bag from The Fat Squirrel, patterns from The Bakery Bears, and patterns from several other podcasters that I need to go find.

So, lots of things to motivate me to knit my stash this summer.

I Have No Voice and I Must Stream

I half woke up this morning and laid in bed thinking, I totally want to do some kind of video today! Maybe I’ll make an episode of YarnCast, or I’ll stream on twitch. Maybe Ducktales Remastered. Yeah! I really want to stream! I don’t care that I have a cold, I’m gonna get up early and get ready!

Then I got up… it was not early. Turned out I had muted my Kindle Fire (which I use as an alarm) last night, and had nearly overslept past the time DarkstarMatryx has to get up for work (alarms don’t wake him, he just keeps hitting snooze forever, so I have to wake him up).

And that I have laryngitis.

So no streaming and no YarnCast today. Siiigh. I’m super behind on when I wanted to get the next episode of YarnCast out. But the holidays were hectic; having to visit my family, 3 different get-togethers with Darkstar’s family (his parents, his grandparents, and his extended family), Chance’s Birthday on December 28th, and then my great-niece’s birthday on January 2ed. Throughout all that there were small snowstorms, but then on the 4th the big one started, and since then we’ve been having double-digit subzero temperatures (like, -40). And somewhere in there we got colds.

Yeah, it’s been “fun.”

But there have been good parts too. I got an additional cube shelf, and was able to organize my stash



So now there’s lots more room for wool.

I put the bamboo sock yarn on a time-out. It’s way at the top left there, unreachable without a chair (on the top right is cotton, which I hardly ever use). I decided that I don’t have to use it just because I have it. That there is no reason to knit something I’m not going to love knitting and where the FO is going to be subpar. There’s no reason to deal with this yarn when I can and want to buy something better. So in 2014, no more doing things half-assed or powering through… if I don’t like making it or won’t love the FO then I won’t do it. The bamboo yarn just doesn’t work for socks for me, and that’s fine; there will be other projects to use it on. I took apart my bags, because so much of it had the bamboo yarn.

I’m still going to knit 14 pairs of socks this year. But it’s going to be socks I want to knit. I frogged the socks in the bamboo yarn I was knitting for Yuji, and told her to pick out a color from my other sock yarn. She picked Ella Rae Lace Merino for the main color. Pricey socks for a 6 year old. But I’m enjoying knitting them, and they’re going to yield an enjoyable FO. And of course they can be passed down to Chance when Yuji outgrows them.


I’m doing these on the Hiya Hiya Sharps, which I’m loving but they are definitely sharp. I had to get out of the habit of pushing the tip of the needle with my finger.

Other socks on the needles include some sport weight socks for Chance, in that Kashmira (what was left over when I admitted to myself I was never going to continue knitting the projects half-done in it a few months ago).


I’m going to attempt an afterthought heel on these, to not interrupt the stripes.

And then there’s Lady Igraine which I’m doing with The Bleeping Sockgames. I started these on January 1st, but haven’t gotten much done on them. I’m doing it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine which a lot of people say doesn’t have very good stitch definition.


I’m thinking they are definitely right and I will probably frog these, but I don’t know what I’ll do it in instead. The only other solid colors I have are that super-dark blue in Yuji’s socks (which won’t show the stitches either), and a lime green (which doesn’t really fit the mood of the pattern). Maybe a trip to the LYS is called for.

In non-sock news, I have my first FO of 2014! I started this on the 1st and finished on the 2ed.

IMG_3887 IMG_3892 IMG_3884

It was a birthday present for my aforementioned great-niece.

In stash-up news, I finally got the final yarn I ordered myself for Christmas –


FishknitsYarn’s Fuji Fight Like a Girl colorway. I got it on Strong Heart. I’m thinking about knitting my dog a sweater with this – it just seems appropriate, right? But I can’t find a pattern that won’t interrupt the stripes. So I’m not sure yet…

I desperately needed multiple project bags, fast and cheap, and since I didn’t find any suitable cheap fabric to make my own, I decided to give these produce bags from Amazon a try. I figured, if they weren’t good for project bags, I could always use them for produce.

But they are great as project bags. I love that they’re see-through. And they fit a Chancey-sweater worth of yarn.

Then I got this for the Marigoldjen one-skein KAL


Yeah, I know it’s not stashbusting if you buy yarn for it lol

On that same day, I ordered something from somewhere closer, and that shipped immediately. This was suppose to be here Monday. It’s only just now out for delivery.

Now it is quite interesting actually. This is the most efficient route from Clinton, where Leading Men Fiber arts is, to Griffith, where I am. It only takes 2 and a half hours.


This is the route the USPS uses. Supposedly it’s easier/cheaper for them to take packages to the big hubs or something. Anyway, it’s a longer route but still only takes 5 hours.


Somehow, they managed to have it take 6 days.



Anyway, this is what it is

IMG_1489 IMG_1488

100% BFL Fiber in Tequila Sunrise. Because after deciding not to half-ass things, I thought, well sure, I could do thrummed mittens with superwash fiber, but it won’t felt, and that’s part of the point… I’ll never be satisfied with the FO. So, why not just buy some fiber that isn’t superwash, and spin up that superwash stuff on my drop spindle? So that’s what I’m doing. I hoped to be wearing those thrummed mittens by now. Thanks USPS.

Oh, and thanks for “losing” (I think it was more, it was cold as fuck and snowing a lot and they just didn’t feel like taking packages anywhere) 5 packages I mailed out December 19th, and only now finding them. Some of those were suppose to be there by Christmas, and you SAID that I could send them out on the 20th at the latest to get them there by then.

Also, thanks for sending one of my packages from Ohio – the next state over from me – over me and across the country, all the way to California, before bringing it to me. I guess that skein of yarn wanted to see the country first – That was so generous of you to take him on that trip. Love ya USPS!

2014 goals

What ever happened to me buying more indie sock yarn? I guess I got so caught up in the success of selling stuff that it got put on the back burner. I’ve been favoriting and coveting stuff all year, but for some reason never dived in.

Welp lately I have been realizing that I need to put my money where my mouth is, and buy more handmade/indie/local. That, combined with Leading Men Fiber Arts (which both has AWESOME yarn, and is kind of local) starting to sell handdyed yarn a few months ago, and Chance desperately needing some more wool socks (and to buy some mass produced wool socks for him, I’d have to order them online, and pay as much as I would for the handdyed yarn, to get some ugly socks that don’t fit as well), has led me to remember that I need to buy more indie sock yarn.

And when Sock Bunny said her plan for 2014 was to put 12 skeins of sock yarn into bags, and then chose one at random on the 1st of each month and cast on, I got an idea. I’ve prepared 12 bags, some with more yarn than others, so that I can get 2 pairs of socks out of them. On the 1st of every month in 2014, I will have one of the kids pick a bag, so that I don’t feel the shape or weight of the yarn inside. Then I will cast on, and every time I finish a pair of socks, I will buy a skein of indie dyed sock yarn.

I expect a lot of it will be from Leading Men Fiber Arts, because I’ve fallen in love with them. I took advantage of their thanksgiving week sale and got this. Now I don’t even like pink (Chance does) and I think it’s amazing. And it’s even more beautiful in person.

IMG_3678 IMG_3680 IMG_3679

I also got some mini skeins from Dyeabolical, which should actually be enough to make a pair of socks for Chance, or could be combined with other yarn to make a pair for myself. These are in one of the 12 bags, so I’ll decide what to do once I pick it.


So here are my 2014 goals:

  • Knit at least 14 pairs of socks.
  • Buy at least 14 skeins of indie yarn.
  • Crochet 14 different Pokemon.
  • So now I just gotta get through December first…

    Amazon Craft Haul 3.22.13

    I love the fact that with an Amazon haul, I can link to everything and know readers can get it right there, and are very likely going to pay the same price. With physical craft stores, everyone’s store has different things in stock, different prices, etc. But with Amazon it’s all right there.

    This craft haul from Amazon arrived Friday, but we had a weekend full of buying fish, plants and large snails and adding them to our fishtank. For the past year our tank has had a solitary fish, a single plant – which the fish had eaten most of the leaves from – and countless small snails (where were plentiful but not very interesting to watch). Now we have 11 fish, 3 large snails, and 5 plants. It’s much more interesting now; I could spend hours watching the fish interact and show their individual personalities (yes, fish do have them!), as well as figuring out where the huge snails have managed to hide! (We don’t have a cover – on is en route from Amazon – and yesterday a snail with a bright, very noticeable shell hid so well that we were pretty sure he’d climbed out! But after my husband thoroughly searched with a flashlight, we found he was just hiding.)


    Anyway, about that haul. I got some soapmaking and stamp carving stuff, as well as a tool for making holes in bottlecaps…


    The total was $98.33 >.< but none of this was bought willy-nilly - it's all either stuff I can't find at local craft stores, or stuff that I would pay much more for at local craft stores if I bought this amount. The Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment means I can take back what I said about buying a separate handle for each tip; this thing makes it easy and fast to switch tips without worrying about cutting myself!

    So I’m off to start using this stuff. After I watch the fish for just a few more minutes……

    Labor Day Haul

    Time is getting away from me again. How is it Thursday? I took advantage of the sales over the weekend, and got (I think) all the acrylic yarn I need for various projects from JoAnns and Michaels. That’s just Red Heart stuff though, so I won’t bother to take pics of that. Although while there I DID wish I had a smart phone (oh smart phone, how I miss you T.T) and all my acrylic yarn in my Ravelry Stash, so that I could see how much of each color I actually had, if I had the right shades etc. #FirstWorldProblems

    I could not find the right shades of green and purple… at least not for a price I was willing to pay then. (There WAS some stuff At Spinnin Yarns that I may consider buying at some later time.) This is what I did find (At JoAnns)…

    Daily Dose

    And my brother got some grey sock yarn from there that he wants me to make him some socks with.

    I got a wonderful haul from Spinnin Yarns, but I think I handed the receipt to my brother. This was about $40 though, which was a great deal. This was all on sale and then the owner took an additional .50 off each as a bonus for us braving the weather. It was raining but we (my brother, the 2 youngest kids, and I) went to the festival and walked to the yarn store anyway, lol.

    Spinnin Yarns Haul 9/1/12

    That night Chance saw me winding one of the Ultra Alpaca Fine and asked if he could help. I said “Sure, hold your arms like this…” and put it on his arms. After about 2 seconds he got bored of that, and dumped it into a pile on the floor, immediately tangling it beyond belief. Sigh.

    The grey my brother picked out, for me to make him a hat that matches his socks. Even though it is a sparkly grey. There were plenty of other, non-sparkly colors on sale to choose instead, but he wanted that sparkly grey. >.>

    Mitsuwa Haul… and another Joanns haul… and a Black Mage

    This week has been so busy! I Feel like I was busy the whole time yet not getting anything done, other than on Wednesday when I got married. I actually typed out most of this post last Monday and then didn’t get a chance to add the pictures. So here it goes finally…

    We made amazing time getting to Mitsuwa, and managed to have a relaxing lunch from Gabuto Burger before the Taiko performance started. They manged to get through the whole first performance – which the kids loved (I very much regretted forgetting my camera, they were dancing and clapping and just generally being adorable) – before it started to rain. Hard. So we headed home at a snail’s pace, only able to see the car in front of us, and not even able to see the lines on the highway – because there was a layer of water in the way.

    As we got off the highway/back into town, the weather cleared up but all the power was out. Traffic lights, stores and restaurants, houses, everything was out. Branches were on the ground everywhere and I was thankful that I took the main highway back, where there is nothing to fall on me, rather than the back routes as I normally would have on Lollapalooza weekend. I steeled myself for another day of being without power, already thinking about what I would make for dinner without it. But surprisingly power was working on our street!

    I got the crochet book Mahou no Tawashi Part 3, and a bucket of Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy which comes in a jar that is exactly like a yarn jar, just at $5 and filled with gelatin-free jello-like substance (we don’t eat gelatin and it is rare to find gelatin-free jello-like stuff, so that’s a real treat!) instead of $13 and filled with nothing like the yarn jars at the craft store!


    Oh, I went to JoAnns on Friday (Friday before last, that would be, now) and got the last of the stuff on clearance. I think I’m pretty much set for Six Sock September… IF I can manage to not use this up before then. Which I am likely to do.

    IMG_1725 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1726

    (not pictured: more of that Kashmiria)

    And then there’s this that was $1.50 at Walmart


    I regret not getting more of it now. I hope to make Christmas sweaters for the kids (obviously can’t make them entirely out of this though unless there is more left next time I go), with that pink pompom stuff on the edges for Yuji.

    Ray got this for his birthday


    I frogged what I was originally going to give him (okay, thew it to the side to be frogged later), to restart it in that green Kashmira yarn, because I thought – duh, use the good and handwash stuff for the adults, leave the acrylic for the kids. The pink Kashmira will probably end up being a scarf too – not for me because I hate pink, but as a gift or to sell.

    Oh, and I whipped this up for Chance yesterday so that he and Yuji no longer have to take turns with the single toy bottle we had in the house…


    So I guess I did accomplish a couple of things, though I don’t really feel like it. Not much progress on any of my long term works in progress, and this week I have to worry about starting the process of getting Yuji and my last names changed. I should have started that process last week when using the car wouldn’t have been an issue, but I slacked off, sigh.

    Also I haven’t made any progress with my savings toward a Kindle Fire. Every time I have to write down a pattern, wrestle the remote from someone else to check my email, or search through a book or magazine to find a pattern I am reminded of how much I want one. Siiiiiiigh.

    JoAnns Hauls…

    Yes I went to JoAnns 3 times within 6 days. I think I may have a problem.

    The first haul was nothing special. Some yellow cheapo stuff that was on clearance for $1 so I figured what the heck. Some green for a secret project. Some embrodiery thread that I got for 50% off so $2.50, yarn needles and the most important thing, some lady bug ribbon to go with the lady bug buttons I got last week.


    For haul #2 I expected to spend like $10 as I was mostly just going to get some kid-free time. But I ended up winning a $30 gift card and used that instead! I got red I plan to make a lady bug sweater with for Yuji (in combination with that ribbon and buttons), blue to make a car sweater for Chance (using those car buttons), some other colors to make a rainbow dash scarf, a pattern book, some plastic canvas, and random bells (I plan to put them on cat amigurumi).

    I am testing a legwarmer pattern which requires sock yarn and I had NONE whatsoever. So I set out to JoAnns expecting to spend $20 or so on just the yarn for that. But I was surprised to find they were having an awesome clearance and spent a total of $25 on all of this…


    I am kind of upset that it didn’t show the regular prices of these on the receipt. I know that each ball was at least $5 normally but some were more. The 2 things of sock yarn were each normally $10. So this is over $100 worth of yarn that was all on clearance for $1 and $2!!! This is all wool except the Pomp A Doodle. Yuji picked out the Pomp A Doodle – she was determined to have some kind of weird yarn. I had actually been wanting some of this in white for xmas stuff… unfortunately the white was not on clearance -.- so I guess Yuji will be getting xmas leg warmers or something with this on top.

    As soon as I got home I realized I was an idiot for not buying more sock yarn for Six Sock September. *facepalm* The green and pink self-patterning stuff would be perfect for socks if it were machine washable. I am not about to hand-wash socks. So really I have no idea what to do with that. Mittens? And I’m wondering if the purple and red match, and if I have enough, that I could make like a purple sweater with a red stripe, and matching socks or a purse that is red with a purple stripe. Probably not and I will end up making a purple shawl… Actually maybe I will just go with the shawl. Lately my arms keep getting cold in the evenings and I can’t knit/crochet with a blanket on my shoulders.

    The sock yarn is red, white, and blue self-patterning… so obviously something for Yuji, lol. I have actually never worked with sock yarn before… and I love it! I expected using it to take a long time, with it being so tiny, but because it is so smooth, because I can throw it in my purse and knit at any free moment, and probably because it is so tiny, it goes quickly. I’ll have no problem doing six socks in September!

    I’m excited to get back to knitting and crocheting today. Yesterday was just a mess of driving the family around and then taking some migraine medicine in the evening and passing out. Although I did throw the legwarmer in my purse and get a little bit done while taking Ray to work and back. I totally want a bumper sticker that says “I knit at red lights.”

    Unfortunate I have a bunch of stuff to do before I can knit and crochet, so off I go to do that…

    Elephant finished, Etsy shop open, went to the LYS

    I finished that elephant and put it up for sale… the first ever item in my Etsy shop!

    I was not successful in my aspiration to not start anything else before something was done… I did crochet a quick doll dress before finishing the elephant. Oops. I didn’t get a picture of it before it went off to the black hole of the kids’ rooms either. Oh well.

    The other projects are coming along nicely, I really should take some progress pics. X|

    I went to Spinnin Yarns – the local yarn store – the other day and ended up spending more than I meant to…


    Anyone that knows Yuji can tell by the buttons that she went with me. I’m totally blaming her for how much we spent.

    I’m horrible, but this is the first time I’ve been there since they moved to a bigger place back in February. The new place is amazing though! My middle-years resolution is to support local businesses more. It’s kind of annoying how difficult it is to find out about local businesses and events here. The town website barely lists anything, and we get a “newspaper” listing weekly events… but we get it Thursday evening and it lists things from Monday -Wednesday. So basically with just that paper to go on, I have to scour the internet finding out if that organization is doing something else in the future. And I have found out a few events from that, but I just wish there was an easier way.

    As for local businesses, the only way to find out about them seems to be to go out walking… and it’s been dangerously hot (though I really have no excuse for not walking around to them sooner since I have lived here for over 4 years). Not to mention I don’t have much money. I don’t want to go walking to those places and then not give them any money. I want to find out about them, then get money and go. Sigh. WHY U NO HAVE WEB PRESENCE? I think I found Spinnin Yarns through ravelry… I would never have known it existed if not for that.

    Ahh well… here’s hoping for a day that isn’t dangerously hot so I can walk around… *drains coffee cup*