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Make a shamrock stamp without toilet paper rolls

Lately, everyone is showing how to make shamrock stamps using toilet paper rolls. Who keeps that many empty toilet paper rolls around? If I decided to start saving them now, maybe I’d have enough to make one before St. Patrick’s Day… but then my kids and I would have to take turns. And the stamp would be huge.

While I don’t have multiple empty toilet paper rolls, what I do have is a lot of heart stickers. Last year, after Valentines Day, I got a huge bucket of foam Valentines stickers on clearance. (It’s hearts and bugs with heart shapes – not something that needs to be reserved for Valentines Day, so we’ve been using it year-round for various things… yet we still have a ton.) So when I realized that the toilet paper roll stamps where just combining hearts, I was struck with an idea.


3 hearts and an antenna from one of the bugs (or any piece of a foam sticker that can be cut/torn into a stem shape) makes a perfect shamrock! I simply stuck the foam stickers on to cardboard. I actually put 2 layers, because the stickers are a little thin.

Chance wanted to make his red, for some reason.


The whole toilet paper thing also led me to look up making my own rubber stamps. I have a new hobby now (should it be under paper, or its own category?). It entranced me enough to get me to buy a stamp carving kit and a book about it, which I’ll be talking about later.

After we did the stamping, Yuji made me a Lego sewing machine. That girl is always thinking up awesome things to make with Legos.

Yuji's Lego sewing machine Yuji's Lego sewing machine

Father’s Day

So here’s the stuff Chance, Yuji and I made for Father’s Day. Well, a small portion of what Chance and Yuji made, and all of what I made. The kids also made a bunch of other pictures/cards for their dad and both their grandfathers, and colored a mug for my dad.

My cards had some mistakes, but I’m learning, and I think they’re pretty good for being pretty much the second and third cards I’ve ever made…

Mother’s Day 2012

Here’s what Chance, Yuji, and I made my mom for Mother’s Day…

First I crocheted a flower brooch.Then I made this card… it’s kind of the first card I’ve ever made (well, the first real one).

Here’s the card Chance made. I think it is pretty darn good considering he is only 2!

And the one Yuji made. She accidentally made a hole in it (which I guess is kind of visible when you hold it up to the light like this, but isn’t normally) – but thought up the smart idea to put a sticker over it.


Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!