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10 pounds of Poly-fil

I’m still alive, and still crafting, as evidenced by the fact that I finished off a 10 pound box of Poly-fil yesterday! I bought it on 9/12/17 (or maybe that was the day I opened it). This was not my first 10 pound box, but this time I decided to keep track of just how many amigurumi I got out of it…


I stuffed 113 amigurumi with it!

In between boxes of Poly-fil, I tried some other brands of stuffing, and ultimately decided to stick with Poly-fil. It’s pleasant to work with, great at stuffing amigurumi into shape, and holds its shape over the years. The 10 pound box is pretty big, but it fits under my crafting table, so it’s always within arms reach. (I like to cut a hole in the side so that I can just reach under the table and grab it, without having to move the box.)

So today – May 12, 2019 – I’m opening a new 10 pound box of Poly-fil.

Sock Crush August 2016 – spoiler, review, and coupon code

As you may know, I signed up for Yarn Crush a few months ago and have been loving it. So when they announced their new Sock Crush box I had to give it a try! This month is the first Sock Crush shipment, and the one year anniversary of Yarn Crush. Read on to find out the details and what I thought of the first Sock Crush. Warning: spoilers! Continue reading

Making an Impression & Speedball Stamp Making Kit

For awhile I’ve been disappointed with the stamps the craft stores have to offer. I keep going to look at them every time I visit a craft store, hoping they’ll have something new, something more like I want. Not that the stores don’t have a large variety of nice stamps; they just don’t have what I want. And ordering custom stamps is just too expensive for me. So I was delighted when I discovered I could carve my own stamps! As I said last week (okay, week before last…), I ordered a stamp carving kit and book. To be more specific, I got Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps and Speedball Speedy Carve Stamp Making Kit. Now that I’ve had a chance to read the book cover to cover several times, and go crazy on the kit (and use up all the included rubber already), I’ll tell you guys what I think of both. The two aren’t at all connected company-wise, but as they kind of go hand-in-hand crafting-wise, this will be a double review. (♪Double review all the way across the site♫)

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