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Ravellenic Games & Stash Dash end

Well, I didn’t get anywhere near as much as I planned done for the Ravellenic Games, but, considering that we just unexpectedly got an additional dog on the 8th, I think I did pretty good. I got at least 1 project done for each Ravellenic team, and I got over 5k meters in Stash Dash! Last year I only did 3382, but this year I did 5041.37. Maybe next year I can make it to 7k πŸ™‚

This is the dog that has come to share our home, Ginger. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, 6 – 8 years old.


I didn’t think Shelley would be too happy about another dog in the house, but surprisingly she doesn’t really care, and Ginger quickly settled in. But man, I forgot how much work a new dog takes, even if it is older and housebroken. Ginger is very smart, which means she learns the rules quickly, but it also means she can figure out how to get into some stuff that I wouldn’t think to tell her not to, and that I can’t trick her into things like taking a pill by hiding it in cheese (if she hears or sees the pill bottle, she knows the pill is inside and will take the pill out). So she has kept me busy!

I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone, though, because there’s just a month until Ramencon!!


I’m behind on posting about Q2 being over… I’m behind on just about everything, truth be told, after being super sick for the past couple of weeks (nothing contagious, don’t worry). I’m really glad I chose to go to the MLP Fair and Convention and not Bronycon nor Anime Midwest (which is all the same weekend) this year, because I don’t think I’d have the energy for either of those. To make MLP con tolerable I’m not participating in any contests, not volunteering for anything, etc. this year.

Not buying any more yarn till MLP con went out the window because the Willow Rustic line, which I love, was discontinued and sent to Tuesday Morning. I may have cleaned out my closest Tuesday Morning of Willow yarn completely, and got all the Rustic (not light) from the next closest Tuesday Morning. 56 balls of Willow Rustic and 20 balls of Rustic Light. So 9640 yards. Here’s my Rustic collection now


I totally failed at Stationary Sheep (have I said that already?). I’m already at 62,024 yards in, and only 10,253 out. Yarncrush has a new sockbox starting in August, which I felt the need to give a try >.> So yeah, let’s just remove that one from the goals list as a fail.

Other goals worth mentioning:

– 52 hats, including 12 Woolly Wormhead patterns: Currently at 24 hats, 3 Woolly Wormhead patterns are complete. I won a Woolly Wormhead pattern from the Woolly Dozen KAL, which is making me feel like I need to get my butt in gear with those.

– Use my library: Well, I’ve completed 40 projects, and only 4 were not free nor already in my library. However, I purchased 16 patterns so far this year. So obviously I didn’t stick to only buying patterns I’d start immediately. I plan to work on this the second half of the year.

– Make 16 items to donate: 4 items complete that were made specifically for donating, and there’s some others I will probably donate.

– Make a good project bag with a zipper: not yet

– Try Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and Noro: Madelinetosh and Malabrigo both tried and loved.

– Finish or frog all my WIPs, and keep the number lower: lol no

– Make a sweater for myself: not yet

Oh, and how has the Brown Bag Sock Club gone in Q1 & Q2? Well, apparently I counted wrong and I only had 11 left. I’ve completed 3, so I’m not opening one this month to catch up on the other 3.

There’s just 78 days till Ramencon, and Yuji and Chance each want a sweater for their Halloween costumes, so;

Q3 Goals

– Get stuff done for Ramencon

– Work on the kids’ Halloween costumes

Happy Easter!

If you noticed I’ve been kind of absent from most sites for the past couple of weeks, that’s because I recently upgraded my computer. This upgrade included the motherboard, which meant I had to reinstall Windows. And that means I have been spending the past couple of weeks fighting with Windows to get it doing what I want it to do again. Fun. Video making is not going well, sigh.

I also may have become addicted to Payday 2 and Tabletop Simulator. Both of which are great to knit while playing! In Tabletop Simulator you can knit between turns, and in Payday 2 there’s a lot of time between rounds where everyone is messing around with inventory and discussing strategy. So, I was able to get some Easter FOs done for Yuji & Chance!

First off was some socks for Yuji. She has in the past been kind of iffy about handmade socks, and I’m not going to make socks in fingering weight for someone that isn’t going to absolutely love them. But this is the second pair I’ve made for her in worsted weight, and she seems to have come around. She’ll be going with me to Yarncon, since it’s on her birthday this year, and I’ll probably have her pick out some fingering weight yarn to make a special pair of socks.

Anyway, she got some Rye socks in front of her Easter basket!


Chance has decided he wants all his socks to match now. How boring, huh? So for the first time ever I tried to match self-striping socks. I was literally ¾ of a row off, but he deemed them acceptable πŸ™‚ He’d better, since I was up until 1am on Easter finishing the second sock, lol!


Bonus points for loving my stash – the main yarn in those is Fishknits Strong Heart in the colorway “Fuji: Fight Like a Girl”, which came out of one of my brown bags. I purchased it December 10, 2013.

Then they each got a Konijntje Pluis


And yesterday, after we watched the Season 5 premier of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (which was awesome, by the way; it exceeded my expectations) Yuji, Chance and I used Easter egg dyes to dye a special skein of yarn. This is kind of the trade-off because they want to dye eggs, but I’m the only one in the house that will eat hard-boiled eggs – and of course, I can only eat so many of them. So they each dyed one egg and then we used the rest on a skein of white Cascade 220.




So I’m trying to figure out something I can make for each of them out of that. It will probably be some kind of amigurumi – maybe a shirt for something?

Please ignore that the yarn is on an old Dell case. I swear, I don’t use a Dell! We built all the computers in this house. That’s Yuji’s old computer, which was cobbled together from some old parts acquired from various places; it’s on my table now because she got my parts I replaced, and combined with some new parts and a new pink case, she got a new computer as an early birthday present. With her new computer, she can play Gary’s Mod and Team Fortress 2, and she has been playing those like crazy. When she isn’t playing those, she’s using Photoshop. lol.

Anyway – hope you all had a happy Easter… and a happy MPL:FiM Season 5 premier!

Doraemon Magic

So I was doing some cleaning/reorganizing of the yarny stuff and I found this gem. I had totally forgotten I owned it, since it wasn’t in the Ravelry database (so I had never added it to my library) and at the time I purchased it, I couldn’t read charts (so I never used it and kind of put it in a “figure out how to use it someday” pile).


It’s γƒ‰γƒ©γˆγ‚‚γ‚“γ‚­γƒƒγ‚Ίγƒ»γ‚»γƒΌγ‚ΏγƒΌοΌ†γƒœγƒ³γƒœγƒ³γƒžγ‚Ήγ‚³γƒƒγƒˆ (Doraemon Kids Sweater & bonbon mascot), a book of Doraemon knit and crochet patterns, and instructions to make a pompom Doraemon and Dorami. It’s kind of weird that I found it now when my kids just – like, within the last week – got really into Doraemon. I show them a few episodes every so often but it seems this time it has really stuck… probably because some of their friends have seen the dub now. Bah. I actually gave the dub a shot because I figured… it’s been years since I’ve gave a dub a chance. America has progressed now, right? Family Guy and South Park have been on the air for ump-teen years. And what could they find to censor out of good old, wholesome Doraemon?

Well, our longtime friend Mr. Randomly Appearing and Disappearing Censorship Bush In The Middle of Fucking Nowhere makes a guest appearance in the Doraemon dub. You remember him, don’t you? Here’s a classic, his role in Dragonball Z:


Thanks Mr. Censorship Bush, you really saved me there! My son almost saw something he sees every time he goes to the bathroom or looks at a male squirrel. And surely I would have started uncontrollably, furiously fapping at the sweet, sweet shota penor!

I digress. *deep breath* Yeah… I found this book I had forgotten I bought at Mitsuwa years ago. And since the kids are into it now – I see Doraemon sweaters in my future! And hey, it shouldn’t be too hard to put the pictures on an adult sized sweater…

Oh, speaking of sweaters… for those of you who don’t follow me elsewhere (why not?!) I recently finished a sweater for Chance!


Goddamn it bush, get out of the way! Ahem

IMG_5442 IMG_5438

This was for a KAL back in August, but then I never got around to doing the sleeves… they only took me a couple of hours each once I actually set out to do them though :\ Well, whatever, it’s done now!

Welcome to 2015!

Wow. It is 2015. How did that happen?

Well, several things have happened since my last confession. Somehow, I did not crochet two more Pokemon. So I guess I didn’t do 14 of anything in 14. But trying is half the battle, or something, right? And I’m going to try harder in 2015.

So what DID happen in the end of 2014? First of all, I got about 20 balls of Willow Rustic.


and yep, I love it! I definately see more Willow purchases in my future.

Then I had a great Christmas. My Grandma-In-Law gave me this huge bag, great for large projects, and a Joanns gift card which I promptly spent on yarn and a row counter (because I can never have too many of those!)

IMG_5295 IMG_5290 IMG_5292

I got Patons North America Kroy Socks Stripes in Spring leaf stripes and Meadow stripes. These are new-to-my-Joanns colors; I’d never seen them before.

After that, my baby turned 5! It’s so strange that he turned from this weird living blob-thing into a person. Oh, that’s horrible, isn’t it? I shouldn’t call babies weird blob-things… but come on, we all know babies are f’ing weird, right?

IMG_0463 Chance & the scarf IMG_1041 IMG_4860

I mean, look at that. One day he’s just laying there. The next, his sparse hair is red. Then it’s black again and he’s trying to use a mouse as a phone. Then today he’s a regular little boy who loves cars and baby dolls with penises, aspires to someday work at the supermarket so that he can help his parents buy a bigger house – which he will continue to live in with them forever – and asks for my credit card number because he’s found an educational materials site and wants to buy some puzzles.

What’s up with that?

Anyway, now 2015 is here!!!! And like I said, I’m going to try harder. Last year I gave up rather quickly on the brown-bag-sock-club thing… well this year I have given it another chance. And this time around. I have 15 skeins/sets of balls/whatever that I know I will actually like to make socks out of.


I caked these up so they are ready to go, and filled the other bags with sets of Patons Kroy (and one Soles & More)


I labeled the self-striping so that I can work this into other challenges/KALs/etc. But there they are; 15 brown bags of sock yarn. Some may actually become mitts of some sort, I’m not sure yet, but I do hope/plan to use all these up in some way, and replace them over the year.

Buying 15 skeins of indie dyed yarn this year should be no problem; I’ve already got 12 covered, as I joined the Highland Handmades club! But I signed up for worsted, so that won’t be replenishing my sock yarn. Since Leading Men Fiber Arts is suppose to start doing a color of the month, I expect them to help with that!

Anyway, I’m working on some socks for Chance – I let him pick out yarn for them on his birthday, and he chose Hearthside Fibers Vanilla Sox in Electric (because blue. He is all about blue lately. Blue and only blue. Some of that may actually be purple though? SHH! Don’t tell him!)


I am at the heel of sock #2, and once that’s done it’s all downhill from there (in the positive way!) so they really are almost done.

Once they are finished I will cast on the first of the Brown Bag Club socks. I will be doing self-striping for the Sock Knitters Anonymous January challenge, so…


I will be knitting Jaywalker in Patons Kroy Socks Fiesta Jacquard! I don’t think anyone has done this pattern with this specific colorway (at least, no one has listed it correctly in their projects if they did) so that will be interesting to see πŸ™‚

AND I found some awesome fabric at Tuesday Morning today. So I will be starting on those 15 project bags soon! But right now… sleep >.< I have been super-sick (which is why this is a blog post and not a video as I would like it to be) which has led to super-tiredness but the show must go on... which means I still had to shop today, and tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the package the mail man OF COURSE tried to deliver right after I left, and take the kids to my great-niece’s birthday party (oh, she is going to have a little sister in April! What?? How’d that happen? Time is all screwed up I’m telling you).

So. Hope you guys are enjoying 2015 so far! Other than being sick, I certainly am. I got sale #150 over at and I got a couple of destash yarns listed at (handdyed yarn and project bags will be there soon!). And I’m so excited about things to come!! Nighty night!

In the Buff

Today I learned something.

Whenever the question of skin colored yarn comes up, I think of Red Heart Super Saver in buff.


I always assumed it was named as a joking reference to the phrase “in the buff”. Well, maybe it is, or maybe it’s just named that because buff is actually a color! And the phrase “in the buff”, which originally meant wearing a buff-colored suit – is about (some) skin being buff colored!

So buff yarn, is the color buff. Lol. I just find it amusing that I’ve never heard of a color referred to as buff… and that I never really thought about what “buff” was in the phrase “in the buff”. But TIL!

Only 30 more days till Ramencon!

Ramencon is only 30 days away! I’ve been taking advantage of the slower online sales of the summer to get ready. I’ve also been finally dealing with some health issues (I am migraine free for the first time in over 20 years. It is amazing!). So, my apologies for neglecting this blog, and for not having the time and physical will to make videos ^_^; Unfortunately, it will be neglected for awhile more as I head into crunch time for Ramencon.

But, I did want to let you all know; The embroidery machine repair went great, and I purchased Ethepony‘s amazing eye and cutie mark embroidery file sets. I’ve used a few files from other people, and I have to say, if you’re making ponies, Ethepony’s embroidery files are the best. And not only are they amazeballs (did you know amazeballs is in the Oxford dictionary now?), he sends out updates to everyone that has purchased them – so buy them once, and you’ll get every update, including every change to existing files, AND all new files added to the pack!

If you’ve been keeping up with my store and/or my deviantart, you’ve seen a few things made with the embroidery machine. If you haven’t, then you’re a stupidhead.

We’re in the middle of Q3 now (what? How did that happen?) and I’ve gotten behind on pretty much all my goals, except the 14 Pokemon goal. I’ve made at least 14 pokemon, but only 9 different types –

1. Snorlax
2. Pikachu
3. Squirtle
4, Charmander
5. Eevee
6. Cleffa
7. Drifloon
8. Cyndaquil
9. Espeon (in progress)

So I have no doubt that goal will be accomplished.

I do, however, have doubts that the power will stay on right now, as there are thunderstorms and flash flooding rolling through. So this has to be the end of the blog post πŸ™ I do hope to post some pics of my inventory and table setup before Ramencon. But if I don’t see ya before then, see you at Ramencon!!!