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Clown Vomit and Poptarts

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Six Sock September is off to a pretty good start. It is only the 5th and I have already finished my first pair (edit: oh wait, it is the 6th lol. But I did finish these yesterday):


I’m calling these “Clown Vomit Socks” because that’s what they look like to me; like a drunk clown ate too much cotton candy and vomited onto yarn. Yuji loves them and calls them Easter socks… I guess that’s all that matters.

Let me say that I hate this yarn, and not just because of the color.


it was knotted all over the place and there was a break where they tied it together without bothering to make it match.

Break in Bernat Sox

I’m really disappointed because it’s hard for me to find non-wool sock yarn, and Yuji does not like wool socks. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this was just a bad ball. Actually I have them crossed really tight because I bought some more Bernat Sox on ebay before I started knitting with this. In different colors, thank goodness, because I am seriously considering throwing the rest of this stuff in the charity bin at the yarn store, so that I never have to look at it again.

I also finished something that I loved making, even though it was with Red Heart.



IMG_1879 IMG_1881
IMG_1880 IMG_1877
IMG_1873 IMG_1868
IMG_1867 IMG_1862

(Please excuse my horrible hair, I just dyed it back to black) I was kind of surprised how fast and easy it was, since other people on Etsy are selling them for $40, $80, even $100 and saying it takes 2 weeks for them to make them. I think those prices are a bit ridiculous, considering it took me 3 days WHILE knitting a sock, and the fact that it only uses a little of each yarn color. And yeah, everyone’s using acrylic – except for exactly ONE scarf that is supposedly wool, but I am very suspicious of, because it looks like acrylic and a lot of the colors look like an exact match to the Red Heart I used. I’m pretty sure you can’t get wool that exact same color with no variations like that.

TL;DR = My Nyan Cat Scarf is for sale for $19.50 because paying $80 for a Nyan Cat Scarf is ridiculous, even for the supposed wool one because I really don’t think it is wool.

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