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FO Friday on Thursday

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Well since tomorrow I will either be shopping or feeling to bad to shop and laying on the couch being hungry, and I have seen that I should not attempt to read patterns while feverish (more on that later), I’ll do an FO Friday today!

Last week I finished the Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn scarves. I didn’t get pictures of the Nyan Cat before he flew off to his new home, but it looked just like my other one. Here’s the Tac Nayn –

IMG_2160 IMG_2159
IMG_2158 IMG_2161

So I got a new vaccume cleaner, and I decided not to get Halo 4… but that’s a long story for another blog.

After that I finished that baby blanket. I’m still finding it hard to believe my nephew is old enough to be married and having a baby. Surely there is some mistake.

IMG_2194 IMG_2193 IMG_2196

I spent Monday’s stitch and bitch working on a sock monkey for Yuji for Christmas. This is the biggest amigurumi I have ever done. It was kind of difficult to finish off the body… I have no idea how people make things even bigger than this, or those ones the size of beanbag chairs! I got it pretty much done, but on Tuesday everyone started getting sick, so I didn’t finish it until yesterday.

IMG_2215 IMG_2223
Trying to show how big this thing is...

That actually used up the last of my fiberfill. Fortunately I am armed to the teeth with Joann coupons. And self, when you go to Joanns this time, just get the sewing patterns you want and some fabric, instead of not getting them and then wishing you had, as you did the last 3 times.

Anyway… With that completed, I wanted to work on something else, but most things I had to choose from need to be stuffed (either with fiberfill or pellets, and though I got the pellets last weekend, I have to get nylons to put them inside of first) and I didn’t want to get to a part that needed stuffing and not be able to continue. So despite the fact that I was feverish, I attempted to finish off my Vancouver Fog.

And I would have finished it – I was just going to ignore an error in the cables I’d made – if I hadn’t realized, just 4 rows before the ribbing at the fingers, that I’d made 2 left gloves.

Now I do have 2 left feet, but I don’t have 2 left hands. So, by those errors combined, I am captain frogger! (Okay, I’m still feverish, give me a break.) I completely restarted the right glove, because I hate picking up stitches just that much. I decided not to go any further than the beginning ribbing, so as to not screw it up again, but my completion of that leads me to believe I would have surely finished it last night had I done it right. Sigh.

Ah well, live and learn. Now I need to go make a grocery list. And then I’ll probably work on some dishcloths, which are a little more forgiving.

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