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FO Friday – Pokemon!

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So here is what I’ve finished this week. Obviously, not the idea I was talking about; I had gifts to do first. It’s in progress now, but slow going because I’m doing it in brief moments between controversial hats.

I didn’t end up going to see the new alpaca babies, because last Friday a neighbor invited me & the kids to a birthday party on Saturday… where we ended up swimming much of the day. An evening was just enough time to knit up a washcloth (which I won’t post here because it was finished last week and imo isn’t all that interesting), and pair it with some handmade soap.

So that was one of the gifts I had to do, and the other is this Pikachu… which I made some… special modifications to after these pics (which I won’t post online until after the recipient gets it).


You can get a made-to-order Pikachu at either of my stores. If you want modifications, you’ll have to do a custom order ^^

Before making Pikachu, I finished Snorlax

IMG_3128 IMG_3121 IMG_3116 IMG_3136

and he’s up for sale on my etsy.

Here’s a pic of them together, along with an official Pikachu plush, which just looks so derpy, especially comparatively…


You can’t really see it in the picture, but the mouth on the official plush is just like 🙂 rather than :-3, and since it is embroidered in really thin fabric, it’s like pressed in, making the Pikachu look like a granny that doesn’t have her dentures in.

Also, pretty much every seam on this thing has been resewn, because it has fallen out. And this fabric stains like crazy, but I dare not wash it, because it’s sure to fall apart >.< Sigh. I know that they can't make mass produced plushies with handmade quality, because then they'd have to sell them at handmade prices, but sometimes it's like, do they even try?

Anyway, those are my FOs for this Friday! And I ordered the embroidery machine today!!!! Yayay!

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