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Happy Easter!

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If you noticed I’ve been kind of absent from most sites for the past couple of weeks, that’s because I recently upgraded my computer. This upgrade included the motherboard, which meant I had to reinstall Windows. And that means I have been spending the past couple of weeks fighting with Windows to get it doing what I want it to do again. Fun. Video making is not going well, sigh.

I also may have become addicted to Payday 2 and Tabletop Simulator. Both of which are great to knit while playing! In Tabletop Simulator you can knit between turns, and in Payday 2 there’s a lot of time between rounds where everyone is messing around with inventory and discussing strategy. So, I was able to get some Easter FOs done for Yuji & Chance!

First off was some socks for Yuji. She has in the past been kind of iffy about handmade socks, and I’m not going to make socks in fingering weight for someone that isn’t going to absolutely love them. But this is the second pair I’ve made for her in worsted weight, and she seems to have come around. She’ll be going with me to Yarncon, since it’s on her birthday this year, and I’ll probably have her pick out some fingering weight yarn to make a special pair of socks.

Anyway, she got some Rye socks in front of her Easter basket!


Chance has decided he wants all his socks to match now. How boring, huh? So for the first time ever I tried to match self-striping socks. I was literally ¾ of a row off, but he deemed them acceptable 🙂 He’d better, since I was up until 1am on Easter finishing the second sock, lol!


Bonus points for loving my stash – the main yarn in those is Fishknits Strong Heart in the colorway “Fuji: Fight Like a Girl”, which came out of one of my brown bags. I purchased it December 10, 2013.

Then they each got a Konijntje Pluis


And yesterday, after we watched the Season 5 premier of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (which was awesome, by the way; it exceeded my expectations) Yuji, Chance and I used Easter egg dyes to dye a special skein of yarn. This is kind of the trade-off because they want to dye eggs, but I’m the only one in the house that will eat hard-boiled eggs – and of course, I can only eat so many of them. So they each dyed one egg and then we used the rest on a skein of white Cascade 220.




So I’m trying to figure out something I can make for each of them out of that. It will probably be some kind of amigurumi – maybe a shirt for something?

Please ignore that the yarn is on an old Dell case. I swear, I don’t use a Dell! We built all the computers in this house. That’s Yuji’s old computer, which was cobbled together from some old parts acquired from various places; it’s on my table now because she got my parts I replaced, and combined with some new parts and a new pink case, she got a new computer as an early birthday present. With her new computer, she can play Gary’s Mod and Team Fortress 2, and she has been playing those like crazy. When she isn’t playing those, she’s using Photoshop. lol.

Anyway – hope you all had a happy Easter… and a happy MPL:FiM Season 5 premier!

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