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I <3 knitting socks!

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I have hueg feet and fat ankles. So I haven’t been able to wear cute socks for a very long time. For the past however-many years, all I can find that would fit were black, cotton ankle socks. I probably see my socks more than I see my shoes. And I get really dry feet, so going barefoot or without socks usually isn’t an option – I’m usually putting lotion on them, which means I have to put on those boring black socks.

Learning to knit socks has changed that. Not only can I now wear cute socks that fit perfectly, but using wool and bamboo means the socks feel amazing, and I no longer need the lotion. They are warm but airy and not too warm.

And I discovered all this after making only 1 pair of socks for myself, lol. The yarn color is called Meadow, but it reminds me of Minecraft…


I was thinking about if I wanted them to match exactly, or if I wanted to do the stripes the opposite way (so that the brown and green are switched)… and the second ball was wound the opposite way. Wtf, Patons? I would have been pissed if I did want them to match exactly, especially because I couldn’t find the other end of the yarn in either of them (I had to pull them both from the outside as I could not find the center tail). Maybe it is meant to be opposite, but there is no word of that on the label. In fact, there is no hint of what this yarn will look like when it is knit up. Most self-striping yarns show that on the label, and while this does show a striped sock, it’s in a completely different color and too tiny to see anything.

Ah well, it was on clearance for $2 😛 And I knit these great socks with probably enough left out of 2 balls to make a pair for Chance, since I made short cuffs because was worried there wouldn’t be enough for my huge feet. I really need to do a toe up pair to figure out an estimate of how long I can make cuffs…

Socks for me complete! 4th Sock/second pair Sock for me!

And speaking of knitting socks, I’ve joined Sock The Vote, in the green party – which means I must knit a sock that involves green. And I have found the perfect shade of green and perfect color to go with it!

I must get sock yarn in these colors

Now I just have to find sock yarn in these colors. I plan on searching for them this weekend. I’m kinda wondering if I will manage to not knit that up during Six Sock September, though. I’ll probably end up having to go buy more for Sock The Vote 😛

I’ve got a busy weekend, or maybe I should say rest of the week – since the busyness starts today – ahead of me. Walking the kids to the library (which is moving out of walking distance in November, boo!), grocery shopping, yarn shopping, and a festival. So after whipping out my socks in 3 days, right after whipping Chance’s socks out in 2 days, I’m trying to take a break until Six Sock September starts. Which is only Saturday, lol.

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