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I’m starting to sew. Though I guess I should say “again.” 10 years or so ago I made a few clothes, 2 years ago I made a few diapers for Chance. But now I want to start doing it seriously and start making my own clothes. I’ve had the same machine for 10+ years, and it spent probably 7 years stored in my parents’ garage, but I never cleaned nor oiled it – oops. I really didn’t realize I was suppose to do those things, and I wonder if I ever read the instruction manual at all, because none of it seemed familiar. I had been watching some videos on youtube and thinking “man, that’s a cool feature, too bad my crappy old machine doesn’t do that… crap, now I’m going to want a new one…” but when I read the manual I realized that it does indeed do pretty much everything! And I already had a few special pieces that had come included with it, such as a zipper foot and a double needle (though with that I wonder if time has dulled it…).

I really wonder how I managed t make anything 10 years ago, when I was clueless and there was no youtube, lol. One thing I remember making was a kimono, out of a robe pattern that I modified myself, which turned out great. How?!

Anyway, after a long-needed cleaning  and oiling, my sewing machine is running like new again. And I’m trying to learn how to sew well without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, all the books about clothesmaking at the library are from the 80s or early 90s… except for one, from 2003, which was written by a woman that wanted to still dress in 80’s style business attire. It was about her own sewing style she had invented to avoid modern fashion. @@.

At least the things like curtains in those books are still usable. My kitchen does need some curtains…

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