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Labor Day Haul

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Time is getting away from me again. How is it Thursday? I took advantage of the sales over the weekend, and got (I think) all the acrylic yarn I need for various projects from JoAnns and Michaels. That’s just Red Heart stuff though, so I won’t bother to take pics of that. Although while there I DID wish I had a smart phone (oh smart phone, how I miss you T.T) and all my acrylic yarn in my Ravelry Stash, so that I could see how much of each color I actually had, if I had the right shades etc. #FirstWorldProblems

I could not find the right shades of green and purple… at least not for a price I was willing to pay then. (There WAS some stuff At Spinnin Yarns that I may consider buying at some later time.) This is what I did find (At JoAnns)…

Daily Dose

And my brother got some grey sock yarn from there that he wants me to make him some socks with.

I got a wonderful haul from Spinnin Yarns, but I think I handed the receipt to my brother. This was about $40 though, which was a great deal. This was all on sale and then the owner took an additional .50 off each as a bonus for us braving the weather. It was raining but we (my brother, the 2 youngest kids, and I) went to the festival and walked to the yarn store anyway, lol.

Spinnin Yarns Haul 9/1/12

That night Chance saw me winding one of the Ultra Alpaca Fine and asked if he could help. I said “Sure, hold your arms like this…” and put it on his arms. After about 2 seconds he got bored of that, and dumped it into a pile on the floor, immediately tangling it beyond belief. Sigh.

The grey my brother picked out, for me to make him a hat that matches his socks. Even though it is a sparkly grey. There were plenty of other, non-sparkly colors on sale to choose instead, but he wanted that sparkly grey. >.>

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