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Monday is June 1st?!

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A lot has happened since I last blogged. If you haven’t been keeping up, I added some hand painted safety eyes to my yarncast etsy. I also added my first pattern!


If you don’t crochet, never fear. I sell the FOs too!

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Eventually, I’ll be making Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, and (assembled) Mangle plushies and patterns. And I might make (disassembled) Mangle and Marionette plushies (not sure about patterns for those). But for now, other things need priority.

Monday is June 1st. (How’d that happen?!)

The My Little Pony Fair and Convention is June 27th & 28th, and I’ll be attending. If it stays close, I may consider selling eventually. But for now, I just get to attend and have fun!

Yuji and Chance want to enter the costume contest. So cosplay plans:

Yuji: Pinkie Pie
Chance: Rainbow Dash
Me: Apple Jack (different costume than previously)
Wes: Big Mac

Yuji: Twilight Sparkle
Chance: Fluttershy
Me: Rainbow Dash
Wes: Spike

So, I gotta make those. I have some new plans for all of these that I hope pan out.
I also plan on entering the “Handicraft” contest. I’ll crochet a Flutterbat and a Discord and decide which one I’m going to enter.

June also includes my birthday! On June 11th I will be *cough*ty.
So I’m excited about June!!

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