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Must… not… start new knit/crochet projects…

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I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot lately. I found a book at the library and fell in love with a lot of the patterns. So much so, that I just had to purchase the book so that I will have my own copy after I have to return the library’s copy. And it has been years since I bought a physical book (as opposed to an ebook)!

The book is Color Knitting The Easy Way, an amazing find for me because I despise inertia knitting and had resigned myself to crocheting or self-patterning yarn when I wanted intricately multicolored items.

The book inspired me to do two things; 1. Completely frog a scarf I was working on for Nathan (which I had put to the side when we had an unprecedented 90° spring) and restart in two colors.

I plan to do it half like this and half with the colors switched around.

2. Start my first ever sweater. The “hoodie” pattern in this book just made me think “YES, I MUST make this in colors that make me think of fall leaves.”

Ray says it makes him think of Halloween. Close enough.

I have always been leery of making a regular sweater. It just seems like so much work for something you won’t wear often. But this I figure I can wear all fall long. And I’ve gotten pretty fast at knitting – this is more than it looks like and took me only a day.

So between those, still working on Yuji’s American Flag Afghan, putting off finishing an amigurumi crochet-along, and having some server work I’m suppose to do… I have a lot on my plate. But there’s so many other things I want to start!

The other day on reddit someone suggested looking at Big Lots for cheap yarn, so I stopped by and found some yarn that is perfect for making an amigurumi sheep, and some that is perfect for a dog. I also got the book 100 Hats to Knit and Crochet from the library, and there are so many in there I’d like to do. Etc.

I am determined to not start anything else until I have at least 1 of these things finished…

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