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Nightmare Rarity & ramblings

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I crocheted a Nightmare Rarity. It took me way longer than it should have, and when I finally finished it, I got fabric glue all over the flank. It doesn’t show up in pictures, but it’s annoying enough in person to make me not want to sell this particular one. But, I can now make Nightmare Rarity if anyone wants to commission one…

Nightmare Rarity IMG_3106

There are poly-pellets in the feet, making her stand easily. There’s pipe cleaners in the tail and mane to make them do that wavy Nightmare Rarity thing. The cutie mark is 3 blue “bling” diamonds (from one of those “bag of bling” things) – I didn’t bother doing the rest of it – fabric glued on. I guess it’s good that I’m keeping this one, as I can use it to test how well this method of cutie mark holds up. The hair is sparkly, and the eyes are felt (I need new handsewing needles; I had a hard time sewing through the multiple layers of felt).

With that done I decided to work on a Pokemon next, so started a Snorlax

Snorlax in progress

Other than that, I’ve of course been making Controversial Hats. The mailman came way early today to pick one up, and scared the crap out of me, because he knocked on the door (at a time so early that no one knocks on the door) since it wasn’t outside yet.

And now more random stuff:

The two embroidery machines I’m going to choose between keep going up in price. Siiiigh. But I’m pretty much just one pony sale away from getting one at its current price. So if you were considering buying one, now would be a great time ^__^

The local alpaca farm has some new babies, I might go see them on Saturday.

After I finish the Snorlax I’ve got another idea, which I don’t think anyone has quite done in plushie/amigurumi form yet…

There were some more random things I was going to say, but I’ve got a killer headache today, and it’s making me forgetful. >.<

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