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Portage Christmas Craft Fair 2014 recap

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Happy Cyber Monday! Thank you for taking a break from your cybering to read this!

I did pretty good at the Portage Christmas Craft fair. Surprisingly, others were saying they were doing horrible, and one lady even stormed out early saying she wouldn’t be back next year. I guess people were just giving all their money to me?

I do think they need to do better advertising. I saw basically none at all in the weeks leading up to the craft show. And I actually LOOKED. (I did see something after I left/it was over though, lol.) I was shocked when after the middle of the day Saturday, the organizer went around asking everyone if they had facebook. When they said yes, she asked everyone to share something about the show. Basically, she wanted US to do the advertising… after the show was already over a fourth done? Uh, no. First of all, I’d already been advertising on facebook, and second of all, that’s her job which should have been done weeks ago.

But with others complaining and the one lady leaving early, I think (/hope) she will wise up for next year. Which should mean I’ll do even better next year.

I wish I had gotten a picture of my “booth”. It was my first time using wire cube shelves and my banner. It worked out really well, and nothing fell. I was worried about it falling since the wire cube shelves that I keep my yarn on recently fell (again). But it was fine, and it even held up to a few kids that felt the need to manhandle it a bit.

I had a lot of fun. It was good to see a lot of the same sellers as last year. Most of them do more craft shows together, so know each other better, but I didn’t feel the odd person out at all. I grabbed a present for Chance, handmade by someone that had purchased something from me last year, lol.

If you’re here because of the craft fair (I handed out quite a few cards) then thank you for stopping by both the booth and my site! I’m having a Christmas Sale over on Etsy; if you saw something you liked at the fair but didn’t get it, it just might be over there. If you want something else just contact me for a custom order!

So my ranking for the Portage Christmas Craft Fair 2014: 7/10 will sell again.

Anyway, with that over, now I can think about Christmas! I signed up for Reddit Secret Santa again, of course. (I tried not to do many swaps this year, but Reddit Secret Santa and Arbitrary Day are two I will always do.) I got my giftee today, and he is so awesomely perfect! We share several interests, so the gears are already turning about what to give him.

I’m also excited about the things I plan to make for my kids. AND I’m excited for what 2015 will bring. I’ve already got a lot of ideas kicking around, but that’s for another post! Which I am actually going to go type right now. Cya there!

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