Chao Plush Amigurumi


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Admit it. I’m not the only one who played the heck out of Chao Adventure. You know, where you put your little Chao onto a VMU and walked around with it attached to a lanyard around your neck, being the essence of cool. But that coolness didn’t come free, no, it came at the expense of eating up CR2032 batteries faster than tic-tacs on a first date. And of course you had to buy two VMUs because you didn’t have any friends to breed the Chao with. Okay, maybe that last part WAS just me. But I know I’m not the only one who cuddled with the cold, hard VMU and thought “If only you could become a real boy, little Chao!”

Or maybe you were later to the game, and started loving these adorable mofos long after my CR2032 batteries were dead. That’s fine, as long as you get off my lawn. Either way, now you can party like it’s 1999. Cuddle a soft little Chao of your very own; no CR2032 batteries required.

It will be about 8″ tall, and be made of yarn and love. This listing is for a neutral Chao. If you would like other Chao, contact me for a custom order!


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