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Q1 2015 goals recap

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So my 2015 Goals are…
Stationary Sheep From February 9 – Black Friday
Donate 15 items
Knit 15 different patterns of hats
Finish 2014 afghans.
Buy only 15 patterns
Dye 15 skeins of yarn

Here’s how I did in Q1…

Stationary Sheep From February 9 – Black Friday

Total failure so far. 21,224 yards came in. I got some extra spending money and got a few 6 and 10 packs of sock yarn that have been on my wishlists. So I got 20 skeins of Opal and something like 40 new skeins of Patons Kroy, 5 skeins of Cascade Heritage, 5 Plymouth Yarn Neon Now, 3 Lion Brand Sock Ease and 3 Regia Fluormania Color. There’s also some Lion Brand Superwash Merino Cashmere – which is worsted, not sock yarn, but being 72% Merino/15% Nylon/13% Cashmere it is perfect for worsted weight socks to donate to Wool-Aid.

Updated pic of my stash… there are no sparse cubes now.

I hoped to pass some of my sock weight along in the Reddit Gifts Yarn Swap, but my giftee did not knit socks. Sigh. I did destash some of the Patons (when I already had the color I got a 6 pack of), though. But then my Reddit Gifts Yarn Swap gifter gave me some more, lol.

Anyway, 4078 yards got crafted. Granted, I’m only counting yardage once a project is done, so I’ve actually used up more than that. But at the rate I’m going, I should be in the black by the end of my Stationary Sheeping. Lol. So, I’m going to have to pretty much buy no yarn (except for at Yarncon and my club/color of the month) until Black Friday to have the stash be stationary then.

Donate 15 items

No progress yet, but I have some items I am planning on donating.

Knit 15 different patterns of hats

I have knit 5! I am also trying to do 52 hats this year (at least 15 from patterns + 37 that don’t have to be from patterns) and so far have done 12.

Finish 2014 afghans.

No progress -_-

Buy only 15 patterns

I have bought 9. Because books totally count as 1 hehe:

1. Big Herringbone Hat
2. Contrast
3. Diamond Cut Fingerless Mitt Collection
4. Aria’s Hat
5. Ultimate Mittens
6. Knits for Boys
7. Lidian
8. Bancroft Top ebook
9. Celestial Wonders Afghan

So I’m already close to the limit, but on the bright side I have actually been using patterns this year, and most of the patterns/books I bought I have plans to use soon.

Dye 15 skeins of yarn

Doing good – I have dyed 14 and even sold a few!

Buy 15 skeins of handdyed yarn
I have purchased 11. With Yarncon coming up, 8 more Leading Man Fiber Arts colors of the month, and 9 more Highland Handmades color study club deliveries to come, this will be more than done.

Things learned in Q1:

Tunisian Crochet! I have been meaning to learn this for awhile, and bought a set of hooks in February. It’s totally weird being a n00b at something yarny again. I even made a n00b mistake! I made a washcloth pattern ment for DK in worsted. So my washcloth turned out way too wide, and I had to fold it in half and slip stitch the edges together to make it into a hotpad/potholder.

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