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Q2 2015 Goals Recap

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So somehow it is July 6th already. Honestly, I spend the last week recovering from the MLP con and crocheting Discord the week before. I only now feel like I’m starting to get back on track and into my normal routine. It didn’t help that I started feeling sick last Monday, but at least that waited until after the con. Anyway~ better late than never! Here’s the Q2 goals recap.

Stationary Sheep From February 9 – Black Friday
IN: 25,546
OUT: 9499

Out doesn’t include WIPs, though. So I still have a ways to go – but at least the out is growing faster than the in!

Donate 15 items
Same as before – no progress yet, but I have some items I am planning on donating.

Knit 15 different patterns of hats, and make 52 hats overall
8 different patterns
22 Hats

Finish 2014 afghans.
A little (very little) progress was made.

Buy only 15 luxury patterns

Currently at 12

1. Big Herringbone Hat
2. Contrast
3. Diamond Cut Fingerless Mitt Collection
4. Aria’s Hat
5. Ultimate Mittens
6. Knits for Boys
7. Lidian
8. Bancroft Top ebook
9. Celestial Wonders Afghan
10. Handbrake
11. Chloe The Panda
12. Noodle

Dye 15 skeins of yarn
14 done, so no additional in q2

Buy 15 skeins of handdyed yarn
Done – I am at 20! I am changing this to 30 skeins of indie yarn. That allows for LMFA color of the month and the Highland Handmades club for the rest of the year without encouraging me to buy anything else.

Additional Q3 goals

Buy no luxury yarn (other than color of the month/club)
Buy no luxury patterns
Get stuff done for Ramnecon (only 10 weeks left?!??!)

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