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Ramencon 2014 was AWESOME

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Ramencon was tons of fun, very financially successful, and FUN! It was the most fun I’ve had at a convention in years, which is crazy because I was “working” most of the time! It left me wanting more. not going “arrgg why did they put x on Sunday, I have to get up and go this last day just for x? Why did I say I’d go to/do x?” Nope, it left me going “Why is it over?!? I can’t wait till next year!”

The intro to an awesome panel I attended

If you met me at Ramencon and want to be friends, my personal facebook is at (Or if you’re trying to buy something and you don’t see it in my stores, just contact me at for a custom order). Links to all the other social whojamawhatsits are over there! –>

I am exhausted, and feel like I should sleep for about a week right now. But my mind is racing with things I want to get started crafting for the Xmas craft fair, for the online xmas season, and – shhh! – for xmas presents for my kids, as well as on ways to reorganize my craft area now that I have some money for shelves. Over the past I-don’t-know-how-many-months my craft area has become unusable due to nowhere to put a lot of stuff. My finished items for Ramencon were actually stacked where my chair would go if I could use my desk! Now a lot of those are gone, but those boxes will quickly be refilled with items for the Xmas craft fair so I have to move them somewhere. So, off I go to work on that!

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