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Small site change

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The main page (and “Home”) of the site now goes to the store. I hate having to do a redirect like that, but it’s the only way to make things work since the store and the blog are on different IPs. Believe me, I tried, but after a couple of hours and realizing that I’d have to change about a gazillion links (and figure out some redirect method for other people’s links) if I DID get it to work, I settled on this method.

If you’re just here for the blog, you’ll need to go to from now on. RSS feeds and everything will NOT change. If you forget to go to then no biggie, there’s links to the blog from the store. Clicking the banner at the top of the blog will take you back to the main page of the blog, rather than the home/store (but clicking the banner at the top of the store takes you to the main page of the store).

If you do like the store, I hope you’ll shop at instead of Etsy. If you prefer Etsy, though, you can try to be my 100th Etsy sale and use coupon code “ONEHUNDRED” to get free shipping! UPDATE: You’re too slow! I have now passed 100 sales on etsy 🙂

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