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Smashbooks and Bind It Alls and Cinches – oh my!

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About a month ago I bought a smashbook (this one, to be specific).

This only confirmed to me that I wanted a Bind-it-All or Cinch.

My first thought was to go where I buy 98% of online purchases (and purchases in general when I’m willing to wait 2 days), Amazon. The options from Amazon are

Zutter Bind-It-All 2.0 for $54.72
_ Zutter Bind-it-All Bookbinding Machine V2.0 Starter Kit for $73.75
We R Memory Keepers The Cinch Version 2 for $75.75

The thing is, the owire/binding wire is pricy on Amazon, and most of it isn’t Prime eligible. So if I bought the Bind it All without the extra stuff or the Cinch, I’d end up spending more than the difference on materials.

Do physical stores have it for cheaper, I wondered? Well, everywhere that allowed me to check stock online was saying “online only,” and I actually checked a couple to be sure; maybe they were in stock but their system just didn’t allow me to check that particular item? Nope, none of the craft stores I usually go to had anything within a reasonable distance. Hobby Lobby might, but they didn’t allow me to check inventory online. I don’t normally shop at Hobby Lobby for reasons I won’t go into, but while I was grocery shopping near one last week, I decided to go in and see if they had any.

They had one Cinch! Litterally one. And the binding wires were $1.99 a pack (vs. $5 – $7 on Amazon). Unfortunately, the Cinch was full price… $109.99 ($117.69 after tax). So I pulled out my new phone (yes, I got a new Android phone, thank goodness!)… does Hobby Lobby have any phone coupons, I wondered (because Hobby Lobby is far enough from my house that I wouldn’t want to spend the gas to go home, print out a coupon and come back again)? Apparently they do! They had a 40% off coupon which surprisingly was applied after tax, bringing it down to $70.62.

So I got it, and a pack of binding wires.
And I’m in love.

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