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Stuff for Nathan

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I don’t know why I haven’t uploaded this stuff yet. Time is just passing so quickly lately.

Nathan (kid #2; Yuji is #3 and Chance is #4) had his 6th birthday on May 31st. That penguin keychain was for him, along with what is suppose to be a kawaii Batman (I don’t know, all the kids recognized it immediately, but Ray says it doesn’t much look like Batman), and a green and yellow lolipop keychain since he was jealous of my lolipops (when I was making mine I really thought they would be too girly for his likes, so I didn’t make him one, but then both he and Chance wanted some, lol). I didn’t get a picture of they lolipops, so just imagine the other ones with green instead of blue. I also made him an amigurumi heart – my first use of the safety eyes I finally managed to find! – and Yuji insisted on taking a pic of it inside her Koolaid Jammers purse, another project I failed to blog about…

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