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I’m kind of reconsidering my not leaving Etsy, now.

I tried to let it go. But I was shown these links:

And what I get from these links are:

A lot of customers wanted and PAID FOR costumes handmade by someone at home, alongside their kids… and instead what they got were costumes made in a factory. Made in a US factory that was about to go under, but a factory none the less.

Etsy knew a successful seller was having her items made by a factory BEFORE these new rules said doing that was allowed.

Etsy lies and says it was allowed all along, when for years I have watched people get banned because they, for example, logged into their mom’s shop from the same IP as their shop, and didn’t disclose that the daughter worked for the mom’s shop (because she didn’t).

I don’t know about you, but if I paid for a handmade item and then after getting the item, the seller said (or more likely, I found out) “I didn’t have enough time to make it, so I had a factory do it instead” I’d be pissed. Because if I wanted a factory-made item I’d go to Walmart. The whole damn reason I would be on Etsy, the whole reason I would be willing to pay more is because I want that item that was made while that lady was at home alongside her kids. If she’s just dropping the kids off at school, talking to a factory manager, and looking as the orders roll in THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE DAMN POINT.

And it really makes me wonder if paying Etsy their crazy fees is worth it.
Welp, I got organized today. So we’ll see what I end up doing.

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