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Unfinished scarf, finished cowl

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I started this as a tube scarf. The idea was to use two skeins of Kashmira. But this was long before I learned to use proper lengths of circular needles, so knitting this was very annoying. I trudged through 1 skein, and then it sat unfinished for over a year.

Yesterday I thought about the Kashmira. I love the self-striping Kashmira. Why oh WHY did they discontinue it? I have yet to find another self-striping yarn thicker than fingering weight, cheap enough that making items for sale are worth it. Anyway, I don’t remember what sparked it, but yesterday I decided that I was going to either frog or finish every UFO in Kashmira. I have an electric winder now that will make reballing frogged yarn easy, and I want to make some stuff with that wonderful yarn for the craft fair.

The scarf was definitely in the frog category – there was no way I was finishing that. Even with correctly sized needles it would take more time than I have right now; and I feel that leaving it there with the goal of finishing it “eventually” would only result in it sitting there for another year. So I pulled it out, and looked at all the work I had done… and decided that I could not bear to undo all that work I had trudged through.

Instead I sewed the ends together; and an unfinished scarf became a finished cowl! A beautiful, 100% wool cowl.

IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3513

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