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WIP Wednesday 3.27.13

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I’m not getting much done this week. It’s spring break, which means Yuji’s friends are all over the place, all day long. Let’s just say I’m getting all the fun of having more kids, with no ability to smack ’em.

So none of the stuff that I listed as “in progress” last Friday has made any notable progress. The Adventure Time stuff and some yarn I need to dye has to go out Friday, so I need to get my butt in gear with that.

I also started another test. It’s for a crocheted chao!


It’ll look something like this when it’s done. Hopefully.

Here’s how it looks so far.

chao begining...

It should be pretty quick once I have a chance to actually sit down and focus on the pattern.

Oh, and I got a PO box… well, that is to say, I signed up for one. I have to go over this afternoon and get the key and box number. So I guess even that is a WiP! But after I do that I’ll have a nice PO box for you all to send me stuff 🙂

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