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Been so busy…

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… that I haven’t had time to post!

– I have been working on an “advent garland” (Which has so many pieces, I’m not going to bother posting them until they’re done, but they’re on flickr) knit along with the Reddit group on Ravelry.

– I’ve been working on sweaters, because I decided for the third time to change my plan about Christmas sweaters. Instead of crocheting to get them done fast enough, I’m knitting in bulky yarn. I’ve finished this one for Yuji


and plan to modify the pattern a bit to make one for me and one for Chance.

– Yesterday I got my “Christmas 2012 Swap” package out, and as the mailman picked up the one I was sending he dropped off the one I was recieving! A wonderful package from BoricuaKnitter!!


Some coffee and a bag which will be great for carrying around projects!

Daphne and Delilah. So cute! They were inside the bag. The pattern – which I’ve been wanting – was also included as well as the leftover yarn! This is great because my daughter wants a set of her own now 🙂
IMG_2358 IMG_2364

A great notions case and some beautiful stitch markers from!

A cute cat notion bag that came with more stitch markers! I was JUST considering buying some kind of notions container this morning! That is some darn good stalking lol!

3 skeins of Lorna’s hand dyed 100% superwash wool!!

– I have also gotten my Reddit Secret Santa gift out, and the one I’m receiving should be here Thursday! The guy (person?) messaged me a couple of times and seemed so nice, I just can’t wait to see what they picked out for me. I’ve also got at least 1 other thing coming from a swap, don’t know when that will be here though.

– I finished these mittens for Yuji, in the same stuff I used for my Vancover Fog.


I’m half finished with some red (to go with both his Muno hat and his Cars hat) 100% wool mittens for Chance. After that I will work on a red cowl for Chance (because the ends of scarves keep slipping off his neck and tripping him), and then a purple cowl for Yuji if I have time.

– Oh, I finished that mystery CAL. I never did mention on here that the other colors didn’t work out unfortunately (too squishy, they just wouldn’t create a fabric that the stuffing wouldn’t poke through) and I ended up using different ones.

IMG_2342 IMG_2343

– I finished a rainbow afghan for Chance for Christmas, and also a doll afghan for the doll he will be getting for Christmas. Yes, my son is getting a doll for Christmas. It’s a boy doll, if that makes it any better? …An anatomically correctly boy doll. Did I just make it weird again?


(There’s purple in there too, it’s kinda hard to see in the pics.) Guess I didn’t upload pics of the doll afghan… I’ll do it later. Or forget to ever do so. Probably forget. But it’s a big, basic granny square in a lighter shades rainbow with white on the edge.

Anyway, I plan to finally finish that American Flag afghan – only 9 rows left! I cant believe I thought it would be possible to finish that thing by July 4th if only I had enough yarn) and give that to Yuji for Christmas, along with a red, white and blue doll afghan.

Let’s see. what else did I finish or am I working on? I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh, I did organize my stash.


As you can see the acrylic no longer fits in the two storage totes. And I have more on the way, as someone kindly is sending me a box of free acrylic they wanted to destash 🙂 🙂 Which is wonderful because I am hoping to make a lot of afghans next year. But I need to figure out some way to store it. The worsted wool use to be in one of the clear drawers, but it no longer fits in there. It is now in that zippered comforter bag on top of the cube shelf. I don’t want it to be in there. I’m hoping to get more clear storage totes soon. The bag of wool is actually much fuller now than it was when I took this pic a few days ago, in small part because of the wonderful wool BoricuaKnitter sent me (thank yooouuu!!), but mostly because of a realization I had the other day. But that’s another post that I don’t feel like typing right now. So, I will leave that for tomorrow… or more likely, a week or two from now 🙂

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