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Doraemon Magic

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So I was doing some cleaning/reorganizing of the yarny stuff and I found this gem. I had totally forgotten I owned it, since it wasn’t in the Ravelry database (so I had never added it to my library) and at the time I purchased it, I couldn’t read charts (so I never used it and kind of put it in a “figure out how to use it someday” pile).


It’s ドラえもんキッズ・セーター&ボンボンマスコット (Doraemon Kids Sweater & bonbon mascot), a book of Doraemon knit and crochet patterns, and instructions to make a pompom Doraemon and Dorami. It’s kind of weird that I found it now when my kids just – like, within the last week – got really into Doraemon. I show them a few episodes every so often but it seems this time it has really stuck… probably because some of their friends have seen the dub now. Bah. I actually gave the dub a shot because I figured… it’s been years since I’ve gave a dub a chance. America has progressed now, right? Family Guy and South Park have been on the air for ump-teen years. And what could they find to censor out of good old, wholesome Doraemon?

Well, our longtime friend Mr. Randomly Appearing and Disappearing Censorship Bush In The Middle of Fucking Nowhere makes a guest appearance in the Doraemon dub. You remember him, don’t you? Here’s a classic, his role in Dragonball Z:


Thanks Mr. Censorship Bush, you really saved me there! My son almost saw something he sees every time he goes to the bathroom or looks at a male squirrel. And surely I would have started uncontrollably, furiously fapping at the sweet, sweet shota penor!

I digress. *deep breath* Yeah… I found this book I had forgotten I bought at Mitsuwa years ago. And since the kids are into it now – I see Doraemon sweaters in my future! And hey, it shouldn’t be too hard to put the pictures on an adult sized sweater…

Oh, speaking of sweaters… for those of you who don’t follow me elsewhere (why not?!) I recently finished a sweater for Chance!


Goddamn it bush, get out of the way! Ahem

IMG_5442 IMG_5438

This was for a KAL back in August, but then I never got around to doing the sleeves… they only took me a couple of hours each once I actually set out to do them though :\ Well, whatever, it’s done now!

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