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FO Friday August 3rd

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Does it count as finished if I only finished one? Because all I’ve finished this week is 1 leg warmer




Now I’m off to a day of grocery shopping and preparing for the summer festival tomorrow at Mitsuwa. Then I have to try to figure out how to finish knitting Ray’s birthday present for next week when I don’t want him to see it and he is on vacation the whole week. I’ve started going to the sit and knit at Spinnin Yarns on Monday evenings, and I got quite a bit of it done last Monday, but I don’t think that’s enough time to get it all done next Monday… and I haven’t worked on it at all other than that due to a hectic week. Our dryer broke, so I’ve been having to air-dry everything (which takes more time, though hanging the clothes outside is pretty relaxing), and then our car wouldn’t start! The car’s fine now (though the dryer still isn’t) and I hope to find some craft books tomorrow at the bookstore in Mitsuwa. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to get ray’s present done…

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