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Halloween 2013

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Halloween went great. Though it rained most of the day, nature was nice enough to let up during trick-or-treating time. And it was a pleasant 60 degrees!

I made Chance & Yuji some Mario & Luigi costumes. The hats are crocheted, with felt for the white circles and fabric paint for the letters. The overalls are a cloth Walmart bag cut in half, pinned to their shirts, with fabric paint for the pocket. I ended up having to put Chance in cooler red shirt, since it was so nice out! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of that, but it pretty much looked the same.

IMG_3523 IMG_3522 IMG_3521 IMG_3519 IMG_3527 IMG_3526

I didn’t want to give them facepaint mustaches, because of the fear it would start raining again, but they were fine with that. Yuji had to tell everyone “I’m Luigi, but I shaved my mustache! This is my brother Mario. We’re the Mario Brothers!”

With that done, my goal this month is to get at least 1 thing finished for the craft fair every day, in between finishing commissions. So you can either expect more updates on what I’m finishing, or less updates as I’m too busy to post about it 🙂

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